Cafe Pal: Nice, reasonably priced Thai food

Cafe Pal: Nice, reasonably priced Thai food

I swung by Cafe Pal just last month with a friend, after she recommended this 'cafe' when I asked her for cheap and good Thai food. 

It was a stone's throw away from Bugis Junction and it was practically no sweat getting there.




Good For: 
Small Groups / Solos / Friends

Convenient (Less than 5 minutes walk from Bugis MRT Station)

Let's Eat!
Thai Milk Tea 
I don't like thai milk teas sometimes because I find that some are too sweet or just lack the smooth oomph. For this one, they toned down the sweetness for me and I really like it! The smoothness of the thai milk tea is unbeatable and instead of black starchy pearls, I opted to have sago instead. (Love sago!) 

Thai Style Otah ($8)
I liked this. Simple and good, it makes for a lovely starter to the meal. It wasn't very spicy to me though, but I'd say the spiciness level was just nice.

Beef Noodles ($9)
This is their signature Thai beef soup served with vermicelli. Really comforting and light in flavour. 

Green Curry Chicken Rice ($12)

Have I mentioned that I'm a green curry fan? This dish did not disappoint, but did not wow either.
While I still ate it happily, but I thought that the green curry could have delivered more zing.

Thai Basil with Minced Chicken ($12)
The thai basil was well cooked with the chicken and the flavours infused nicely. This is a pretty good dish and would recommend basil chicken lovers to check this out, though I'm not a fan of non-gravy dishes.

Red Ruby ($5)
I like red ruby desserts but this was just alright. Served with water chestnut, jackfruit, palm fruit and red rubies served in fresh coconut milk.

Best bit: Customisable and extremely smooth Thai milk tea, reasonably priced good Thai food

Worse bit: Not enough seats for groups bigger than 6. (Suggest you call them and check for seats if you have a bigger group going there for meals)

Verdict: The thai food was pretty alright, while the price makes it even better. I really liked the milk tea and will go again, even if it is just for that. 

Cafe Pal
Location: 01-00, 43 Middle Road, Singapore 188952
Tel: 6333 5400

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