Are you a new intern? Some tips for you here! x Stroff.com

Are you a new intern? Some tips for you here! x Stroff.com

Honestly, I can’t say I’ve been in any Singapore internship at all, as I was from the private school sector after my ‘O’ levels (and totally proud of that fact, please). With the current education system which churns out so many graduates of outstanding grades, you would think that interns would all be very good workers. 

Erm, wrong.  Good grades doesn’t equate to good workers. Instead, having the right attitude and mindset does.

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Interns nowadays want more from their internship Singapore experience.

More money, more exposure, more responsibilities, more networking connections, more opportunities, more breakthroughs. More, more, more.

I have worked with many interns every year for about 3 years now, here’s some tips and pointers I would like to share, which I kinda learnt the hard way when I just started working.

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Take the pointers with a pinch of salt though. It may or may not reflect your corporate situation, but here's what I've put together after gathering some feedback around too: 

1.       Show some enthusiasm. Please.
Simply put, be more proactive. You’ve just started out in the workforce, where's your energy? Be more enthusiastic. Probably also shouldn’t show your seniors that you’re more bored than them already. If you find what you’re doing is really boring, speak with your supervisor and see if there’s anything you can help them with. They will be more than happy to delegate, I’m sure.

2.       Think your ideas through before proposing them at all.
Before any proposal, please think it through. I have people coming up to me thinking ideas without thinking of any specifics of execution behind the idea. When you propose something, think of the feasibility. If you're not sure, discuss with your superior to see if it'll work. 

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3.       Don’t grumble. Seriously.
Many times, interns keep complaining to me that they have a lot of work. Seriously? Don’t. To put it bluntly, if you can’t handle your internship workload, what makes you think that you can take up anything more than that? I watched a huge Hong Kong super star's (I can't remember if it was Simon Yam or Tony Leung) playback interview a couple of years back. He shares that when you're a newbie, you need to learn to take up jobs. Many of them, and learn. And learn. And learn again. Until you're an expert in them. When you're an expert, that's when you can choose your jobs.

4.       Don’t try to fly before you even can walk.
I’ve met some interns who totally reject every correction shared with them. There is always something to learn. Look, you may be smart. But that, like I said, isn’t everything. Chinese people have a great saying, “Wanting to fly even before you can walk”. Don’t get caught up thinking that you know everything, because if you do, that’s when your mind will start to reject some great things you can learn from experienced folks who have been around. Don’t miss out that.  

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5.       “Hey, is that work already completed?”
Many times, I had to chase interns for work. Put yourself in this scenario, if you had to complete a teamwork project and delegated a portion to your team member to complete by a certain deadline, but hears nothing from them after that, not even an update, how would you feel? Would you think that they are being responsible or irresponsible? Even if they could not finish it by the deadline, don’t you think that a mature thing to do would be to update the team? Well, it’s the same back in the office. Don’t make your superiors chase you for work. It reflects badly on your efficiency level too. They will appreciate you more if you update them if you can’t finish or are having difficulties completing the task.

Like I said, there are good, capable interns around too, they are like a diamond in the rough, and they just need a little polishing to shine. You probably are one of them, just that you may not know it. Other than just setting out to find internships in Singapore, just remember that, grades are not everything. The right attitude, is probably the cloth that will help polish you up to be the gem of tomorrow's workforce.

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