Vecua Honey Cosmetics

Vecua Honey Cosmetics

I was on Instagram when I came across this super cute brand called Vecua Honey. I was glad to learn that their products are made from honey and I bought 2 items to try it out!

 From Vecua Honey's website:
Our products are carefully made with the finest natural ingredients, sourced from the four corners of the earth. We strive to bring you an effective range of skincare and cosmetic products that are simply wonderful to use! Our company does not support animal testing, so you can be assured that our products are natural!
Vecua Honey Singapore (Online shop)

Product Name: 
Wonder Honey Honey Dew Pon Pon Cheek (blush)
Honey Dew Lip Essence Cream- Honey Pot (Lipstick Balm)

Cosmetics, Blush, Lipstick Balm

Hinate Sunkissed (Blush)

SGD 28 (Blush)
SGD 16 (Lipstick Balm)

Where to buy:

 Here's how my items arrived! Complete with a mini product book, which features all their available products.
 Super cute lip essence cream! I love the design of the bear.
Comes in a lipstick format, just twist and apply! I love such applications as it is the neatest and handiest for me.
Check out their super cute blush! * CUTE FLUFF ALERT*

It is quite small and I can bring it just about anywhere. Portable sized, as you can see, up against my hand.
When you open it up, there's a lovely, fluffy puff for you to puff on the blush. But honestly, I didn't really think it was useful (the puff) for me as it doesn't really dab on much blush on my face. After a few tries, I gave up and used my brush instead.

 The lip essence cream is a nude shade, and you can't really see it after it fully absorbs. But it is quite a rich cream, and here's a photo of me with the lip essence cream on my lips, just after application.
Just a slight sheen. But it is really feels quite thick and nourishing. While the website says that you can use it as a lipstick base, I would rather use it every night as an overnight lip mask, because it's really just too nourishing for me. I do love how I wake up in the morning with softer lips! (No crack, YAY!)

As for the blush, here's the colour for Hinate Sunkissed. As you can see, it is more coral, and I use it when I want to look a little... sunkissed. HAHA.

On a more serious note, I do like how it looks on my cheeks.

I think I will not go to a winter country without the lip essence cream, as I did feel that it was really moisturising for my lips, but probably a tad too thick for Singapore's weather. This should really be good for those who are prone to chapped lips, but as for me, I really liked using it as an overnight 'lips mask'.

As for the blush, I loved the natural colour on my cheeks. Here's a picture of me after I've applied it. Hope you can see it here, because it was a little bright, so imagine this is the effect of being in a brightly lit area. I can still see the shade, without it being too in-your-face, and that, to me, is what a good blush should do.
I did love the scents from both products, it was super honey-licious! To summarise, I think I would probably repurchase both products again after reuse. :)

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