The Rösti Farm

The Rösti Farm

Opened on 2 April 2015, The Rosti Farm opens its doors at the Capitol Piazza! Part of the Once Upon a milkshake team, you can enjoy a rosti and have a wonderful milkshake at the same time!

City Hall



Good For: 
Small Groups / Solos / Friends / Family / Takeaway

Approx 5 minutes from City Hall MRT Station

Once upon a Milkshake + The Rosti Farm...
The simple, Rosti Farm menu, focused on Rosti, of course.
Once upon a Milkshake + The Rosti Farm... + Teuscher Chocolates! All under the same 'roof'.

Let's Eat!
Curly Fries with Nacho Cheese ($5 ala carte, $3 if you order a rosti with it)

Crispy! It was a delight having it with the nacho cheese, though it didn't wow.

The Happy Weekender (Single Rosti: $20, Double Rosti: $23) - Cheddar cheese, german bratwurst (150g, pork) infused with real beer, sauteed mushroom, grilled pineapple, over easy egg
It looks as good as it tastes and I love the light sour cream placed on the side. Lovely! But I thought the outer layer for the rosti could have been slightly crispier.

The Hardworking Farmer (Single Rosti: $18, Double Rosti: $21) - Swiss cheese, oven-roasted chicken breast (sliced) with creamy sauce, snail sausage (pork), sauteed mushroom, mini omelette.

The best bit: The rosti itself

The worst bit: None

The Rösti Farm
Location: Capitol Piazza (NEUE section) 13 Stamford Road #02-31, Singapore 178905
Operation hours: 12pm - 8pm daily

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