Part-time job opportunities: Reliable ones, please! x Stroff.com

Part-time job opportunities: Reliable ones, please! x Stroff.com

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I remember those days when I was having school holidays and looking for part time jobs – It was an uphill task because it simply isn’t easy as how it is today with the internet. Most part time jobs were out there, and we had to go out and look for it, or depend on our contacts for it.

I remember when I was working as a waitress, and it was a tough job. All of us part-timers  were assigned duties by the manager / in-charge of a restaurant on the first day we arrived, usually not to our best abilities but rather based on connections. The managers had their own connections coming in as staff, and the better jobs were usually assigned to them.

I wanted to work at the drink counter, and no matter how hard I tried, the opportunity was left to others instead: Those who partied with the higher-ups. I can’t say I didn’t learn anything from the experience, but rather, I regret I didn’t get a chance to learn more. 

Anyway, while I was in it for the cash, I really hoped to have been given a chance to get more out of the job. Who knows, I could have become a barista today, instead of slogging away on a work desk.

There was once I was also, unfortunately, tricked to having gone to attend an interview workshop by a multi-level marketing (MLM) firm that sells products (shall not divulge the kind of products here) – promising good rewards and commissions at the end of the day. But after attending an entire 3-day workshop with them, they shared that there was no basic pay, and only commissions to live by. If you don’t meet your target, you can’t get any money. Also, I was told to invest my money into the products first as a commitment to the business.

Well, I was just a young lass then, how would I know to handle the situation? It was very stressful and I regretted being lured by such attractive career baits. Not all mlm businesses are bad – but I guess I just got into a bad one.

So how do you even protect yourself from all this?

It is important to search in reliable portals that cater to your career interests. Even when you do a simple internet search of the keywords part time jobs Singapore or part time jobs for students, these reliable portals tend to feature better and more reliable part-time job opportunities, ensuring that you enter the job knowing exactly what is expected of you.

To close, my advice for those looking for part time jobs in Singapore would be to research what you want to do, properly, and when you get it, remember to be enthusiastic, proactive and eager to learn, so that you’ll take home great values that will help in your future career!

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