Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우

Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우

Milkcow 밀크카우 has arrived and I have managed to gather my experiences on its various flavours after trying different toppings. The softserve uses 100% organic milk as the main ingredient, and is one of the handmade softserves which has won my favour. 

Buona Vista / Tampines (Branches visited)



Good For: 

Approx. 2 minutes walk from Buona Vista MRT Station / Tampines MRT Station

Let's Eat!
Milky Honey with Honey cube topping ($5.50, additional $1.50 for the topping)
I've added in the honey cube as an additional topping actually. My favourite of what I've tried. The organic honey and the softserve is really the same as its competitors, but I do like that the softserve was made very milky, and the combination was a lovely one.
The honey cube, well, was just another waxy material, it kind of distracted me from thoroughly enjoying the liquid honey drizzle, so in future I will not be topping it up with the cubes.

Snow Drop ($5.90)
To be honest, I didn't think this was nice at all. The cotton candy marred the entire eating experience of this. The cotton candy was making it very messy, making my hands and clothes sticky and I was tired handling it by the time I got to the softserve.
There was also a choice for you to put either jelly beans or M&Ms at the bottom of the soft serve, wrong move. It wasn't a nice combination at all and I didn't appreciate this entire creation, other than the fact is was somewhat instagrammable.

SamSam ($5.50)
Interesting. An acquired taste for most, because they use alot of almond flakes as topping, plus a thick drizzle of ginseng sauce. I'm pretty sure this flavour will find a good amount of target audience in South Korea.
I'm not too sure about here though. People who like ginseng will find that the ginseng is too little, and the almond flakes are too much, and I'm one of them.
Ginseng and milk softserve is pretty interesting to me, and I like interesting. Hence, this is one of the soft serves which has made an impression on me. I think I will most likely have it again, but I will ask them to go easy on the almond flakes for my cup.

Overall, my heart goes to Milkcow's softserve, because it is so smooth and super super milky, which sets them apart from the rest. If you don't like the milky flavour, though, you may or may not find this an enjoyment, depending on your preference for a milky taste, but thank goodness, I do. :)

The best bit: The softserve itself.

The worst bit: The messy snowdrop creation.

Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우
Location: 1 Vista Exchange Green, The Star Vista, #B1-06, Singapore, 138617
Website: https://www.facebook.com/MilkCow.Sg

Other locations include: 
- The Cathay #01-03, 
- Velocity Novena #01-19, 
The Star Vista #B1-06, 
Bugis Juntion #B1-K3, 
Tampines 1 #B1-K17

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