Korea's Honey Snacks which ruled their social media?

Korea's Honey Snacks which ruled their social media?

As you know, Korea loves honey. More so, when the launch of Calbee's special Honey Butter Chips started to dominate the social media since its launch sometime in August 2014, more and more snacks with honey butter flavours started to pop up. 
It was so difficult to buy it, honestly, as only a limited quantity were available each time it was launched, making it the perfect lure for people to jump in snatching for it.

Well, my package arrives!

Well packed :D

People started to snap up these chips each time they saw it on the shelves, stocks ran low and people started selling it online for as high as 3-5 times its regular shelf price.

Well, which brings us to the question - it's really nice meh?

Those who only got to see it visually but not get to try what the hype was all about, here I bring you my review to see if it's really that tasty.

First up, the one which dominated all honey snacks.

Honey Butter Chip (허니버터칩) 
(also known as Happiness Butter Potato Chips in Japan)
It was pretty interesting. The aroma of honey is light and but the chips do not taste salty at all, despite the tiny flakes of seaweed that should have given it a slight seaweed-y and salty edge.

The mix is pretty nice but it doesn't exactly wow as expectations of it have shot up from the crazy presentations from social media. The taste of butter is also obvious, which adds to its aroma.

The package was half filled with air, despite its large size.

Peppered with tiny flakes of seaweed for a slight salty taste, which was not apparent. I would like that slight salty punch for more impact!

Honey Tong Tong (허니통통)

The 'brother' of Honey Butter Chips, and I do like this sibling better.

It is addictive as the light butter and honey is fragrant, in fact, more fragrant than honey butter chips.

Similarly, there are also tiny flakes of seaweed, but unlike the Honey Butter Chips, the saltiness is slightly obvious here. It makes it sweet and slightly salty, lovely. There was a light cheesy hint there too, which I'm not sure why, but I did like it.

Opening of the packet!

 Peppered with tiny flakes of seaweed. Yums!

Honey Butter Rusks (허니버터 러스크)
These are... to me, very well packaged honey coated croutons. Haha.

For crouton lovers, this could well be a nice type of snack for you. I almost wanted to throw it in some cream soup too.

Cheaper than Honey Butter Chips, the honey taste, however, is not too apparent, while its aroma still carries hints of honey.

The package looks small, but it is pretty filling too.  Super crunchy!

Honey Butter Almonds (허니버터아몬드)

The almonds are lovely with honey. The coated honey doesn't make it taste too rich, but the mix of honey and almonds creates a lovely aroma and it is a great snack to have. 

It is also filling, and I think slightly more healthy than Honey Butter Chips. I would have liked the almonds to be a little more crunchier, though. 

Super cute bee on its packaging!

After trying all 4, which one is my personal favourite?

Overall, my points go to... Honey Tong Tong! It was the best out of all I tried, with its light honey and butter infused with the easy to eat crunchy triangular chips. It was tasty and addictive!

If you get a chance to try it, let me know which is your favourite!

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