Instant Chocolate Drinks from England's Waitrose Supermarket

Instant Chocolate Drinks from England's Waitrose Supermarket

Supermarkets are one of the best ways to understand the tastebuds of a country, to a certain extent, and hence, it is also a great place to experience their foods!

During one of my supermarket shopping in the UK (I went to Waitrose to get these but I guess it's pretty much available anywhere too), I saw these few instant chocolate drink packets and decided to try them out!

Here goes:

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Drink
It is only 38 kcal and tastes not overpowering, for those having a craving for a chocolate drink and don't want to bust your diet budget. Each packet can make about 200 ml of the drink, so it's good to stave any cravings.

It is smooth, but I do think that the chocolatey taste pales in comparison with the rest. This is, of course, no complete replacement for chocolate, but it'll do, especially on a cold and rainy day.

Maltesers Malty Chocolate Drink
I love maltesers. I love their chocolate and when I saw this, I just grabbed it off the shelves!
The drink boosts a dark brown colour, and I'm already getting good vibes seeing it.
The smooth concoction really reminds me of malteser chocolates, but in an extremely liquid form. It is also of course lighter than the original chocolate.

Options' Belgian Chocolate, Belgian Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Sweet Popcorn

You know Cadbury, you know Maltesers, but do you know Options? Here, I tried 3 options (lame pun intended) - Belgian Chocolate, Belgian Chocolate Mint and Sweet Popcorn flavour!

Once I put water into the sweet popcorn flavour, a super super sweet scent hit me immediately. The thick mix, to my surprise, didn't taste super sweet, but rather, the smell was sweet than its taste. Which was good for me, because I didn't like to feel that I was drinking sugar. The taste of chocolate was also quite apparent, which I did like! But there was no flavour of popcorn, and I'd say it doesn't really live up to its name.

The Belgian chocolate flavour was really chocolatey and somewhat thick. I did like the first few sips, and felt it was just nice for it to be 200ml, or maybe slightly a little more, depending on your taste buds.

Belgian Chocolate Mint however, was just like the Belgian chocolate, but with a hint of mint in it. I do like this one as the mint taste gives the drink an interesting, and somewhat, delicious twist.

For me, out of these 3 brands, my favourite is... *drum roll*

*drum still rolling*

The Maltesers! Because it is smooth, and light, and totally satisfies all craving for chocolate, yet not overpowering, like how I like my chocolates. It is my best companion for a rainy day, or a harsh air-conditioned office environment. 

Those who likes a creamier taste, remember to add milk instead of water!

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