Folks Collective

Folks Collective

Chinatown / Telok Ayer



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Groups / Solos / Friends / Family 

(Takes about 5 minutes walk from Telok Ayer MRT Station / 10 mins walk from Chinatown MRT Station)

It looks as though you've just stepped into a bar of some sorts. Popular to the working crowd during lunch time, it provides a relaxing environment from start to finish.

Let's Eat!
Lychee Red Curry with Roasted Duck

Lovely lovely curry with the sweet hint of lychee juice which mixes well with the red curry. The curry isn't that hot, I practically drank some of the gravy from my spoon because it was so tasty (and not spicy).
The ingredients, however, I felt could have been more substantial in portion. Even the duck meat were mostly fatty parts and there weren't too much meat in the entire bowl.

Kangkong Stir Fried
Our wait staff said this was spicy... she was wrong. It wasn't spicy to me, thank goodness I didn't order the Kangkong Sambal, which she shared was a less spicy version. It was nice but tasted a little too salty, as per the basil minced pork.

Thai Basil Stir-Fried Pork
I liked this, albeit the lack of basil taste. I don't recommend this if you actually like an overflowing flavour of basil, because that's just almost non-existent in this dish, unless you actually pick out the basil leaves and start chewing on them. The pork, however, was very nicely cooked and has enough sauce to go with the rice.

Red Rubies + Ice Cream Kati 
The red rubies and coconut ice cream had failed to shine. First up, the coconut ice-cream had no taste. The red rubies also lacked crunch. The jackfruit slices, atapchi and peanuts did well to bulk up the dessert and add colour, but if the star of the show is not performing, how much more must the supporting roles perform in order to set the stage right? This dish was a flop for me.

Mango Sticky Rice
Lovely. I must say, the way they did their sticky rice was so flavourful and addictive. On the top, they topped it with fragrant coconut cream. The mango slices were fresh and went well with the sticky rice. This, I give my chop of approval.

Thai Milk Tea
I asked for less ice (to prevent too much water dilution) so I could taste the milk tea better. It was so smooth and nice, the milk tea also did not taste overly sweet. I simply recommend this drink.

Best bit: Lychee Red Curry, thai milk tea and mango sticky rice. 

The worse bit: Red Rubies dessert fits into the worse bit of my meal. The portions are really not all that huge for its price, either.

Folks Collective 
Location: China Square Central, #01-25, 20 Cross St, Singapore 048422

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