Rich & Good Cake Shop (裕佳西饼店)

Rich & Good Cake Shop (裕佳西饼店)

Today, I decided to have the swiss rolls from the famous Rich & Good Cake Shop (裕佳西饼店)! Despite the sold-out all-time favourite (Kaya) flavour, people still joined the long queue. 
I bought 3 flavours - Mandarin Orange, Durian and Coffee. Each costed $8.
One long roll can be cut into 6 thick pieces, just nice for sharing with friends or family!

Mandarin Orange Flavour - The mandarin orange flavour was apparent throughout the swiss roll, the cake was fluffy and and the cream, with the zest from the flesh of the fruit was such a lovely combination!
Here's a frontal shot of my favourite flavour, out of the 3 which I bought! Really love this!
 Durian - All time favourite for durian lovers, as the durian taste was strong and aromatic, but yet went well with the cream. Real bits of the durian also upped its overall value!
Coffee flavour - hints of coffee filled the roll, but would taste nicer if it were to be slightly stronger.

Overall, I did like the 3 flavours, but the mandarin orange flavour really worked the best for me! I loved its fragrance and the fluffiness of the cake. Definitely one of the best swiss rolls in Singapore, and I will be back to try the kaya (and buy another one of the Mandarin Orange Flavoured swiss roll!)

Rich & Good Cake Shop (裕佳西饼店)
Address: 24 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198887 
Phone: 6294 3324

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