Procacci Brunch

Procacci Brunch

And so, we gathered at Procacci in Customs House on a Saturday morning for a food tasting session. :)

Originating from Florence, Italy, PROCACCI Singapore at Customs House offers tranquility and a stunning view over-looking the Marina Bay Skyline. Italian fine-dining cuisine is brought to higher standards with luscious food paired with an extensive selection of premium wines. 
On a side note, there are only 3 procacci branches in the world, and one of them is in Singapore! Each branch differ slightly, and for the Singapore branch, it's the first procacci branch outside Europe!

 Posh and elegant interior, very comfortable for dining.

You can choose to sit outside as well, for a lovely Marina Bay view!

Let's Eat!

Uova Strapazatta con Funghi ($20)
Made up of scambled eggs, saute mushrooms, rustica toast and broccoli.  I found this dish to be on the average, though I did like the simple idea of mushrooms and eggs.

Fritattate al Tartufo ($22)
One of my favourite dishes of the day! The smooth egg frittata went so well with the white truffle cream! Super yummy! This dish was well-received and we all whacked it as soon as we finished snapping. Teehee!

Pollo Grigliato ($20)
I loved the super crispy bacon, eggs and grilled chicken breast. Though I'm not really a ciabatta toast lover, for some reason, but overall, this is another dish that I do like!

Fumo Salmone ($20)
Smoked salmon, fried egg, ricotta cheese and ciabatta toast. Have I already mentioned that smoked salmon is my favourite? Lovers of ricotta cheese can try this as well. They were very generous with its servings.

Salsiccia Italiano ($26)
My takeaway from eating this dish: the grilled sausages very shiok! I would recommend this dish to those who loves a good sausage in the morning. Also includes rustica toast, fried egg and arrabbiata sauce. Tomato-ey, please. A pleasant eat indeed.

Procacci Delizia ($30)
I loved (x3) the scrambled eggs. They were cooked so well and were runny just the way I love them. They also have parma ham included in the mix to pump up the saltiness. Also consists mortadella, taleggio cheese and rustica toast. This is so big, it can be shared by 2!

Uovo Benedetto ($22)
We also had the all-time favourite: poached eggs and bacon! Could anything go wrong? Sorry, cannot lor, This dish also consists of caviar! How luxurious please! Plus the addition of hollandaise sauce, super lovely!

Well, let us break it down for you:
As you can see, the egg wasn't very flowy, so that's bad news for #eggporners. But of course, I have a soft spot for benedicts, hence this was one of my favourite dishes after all as I already mentioned, yummy!

Here's a photo of me enjoying the Prosecco wine from Antinori Wineyard owned by Procacci (Italy). Enjoy a free flow of Prosecco when you hit $35 on all brunch orders!
Cheers to Openrice Singapore and Procacci Singapore, who generously organised this session.

Location: 70 Collyer Quay, #01-04 Customs House, Singapore 049323Tel: +65 6532 9939

This is an invited media tasting session.

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