Baek Nyeon Baekse Ginseng Chicken Soup (백년토종삼계탕)

Baek Nyeon Baekse Ginseng Chicken Soup (백년토종삼계탕)

[South Korea, Seoul] Just a few months back, we went to Baek Nyeon Baekse Ginseng Chicken Soup (백년토종삼계탕) for some nourishment during the cold winter season. Another name for the restaurant is also known to most as Baengnyeon Samgyetang. 


Hongdae 홍대

Seoul, South Korea 


Good For: 
Groups / Solos / Friends / Family 

Convenient (less than 5 minutes walk from Hongdae Station Exit 9)

It was pretty filled up when we got there, despite it being about 2pm, way past lunch hours. The place is pretty clean, so you'll be pretty comfortable eating there. 

Let's Eat!

The ajumma recommended their best ginseng chicken soup (the original version) and that's our choice! 
There are also other varieties of ginseng chicken soup, like abalone ginseng chicken soup, for example.

One bowl can be shared by 2 people, and you can order fried chicken as well. For me, I was able to finish the entire bowl, yes, by myself. Haha. 

Tender chicken!
The soup itself was already quite substantial, and did not come with rice as there is glutinous rice within the chicken soup already. As compared to Tosokchon 토속촌, the ginseng taste is milder and isn’t that strong.

It is very warm indeed to have Ginseng Chicken Soup for extra nourishment during winter season. Very shiok!

My friend was allergic to ginseng, so unfortunately she could not take ginseng soup. But lucky for her, non-ginseng items were also available on the menu, like roasted chicken and KFC - aka Korean Fried Chicken! It was lightly marinated, just a simple, nice accompaniment to the soup, if you're a big eater.

The menu:


The best bit: Clean, family friendly.
Worse bit: None.

Some of my friends liked this version better than Tosokchon 토속촌. But for me, I like the slightly stronger taste and so my points still go to Tosokchon 토속촌.

Rating: 7/10

Baek Nyeon Baekse Ginseng Chicken Soup (백년토종삼계탕)
Website: Link
Location: 354-12 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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