UK, Cambridge: Day 1 Roundup - SG to Cambridge

UK, Cambridge: Day 1 Roundup - SG to Cambridge

Changi Airport is truly amazing, it always has the best display collaborations. This display is no stranger to many (Mini Hobbiton in Singapore woohoo!). Super instagrammable, and we couldn't help but snap many photos here before heading in.

Before that, we had to stop by the Long Bar by Raffles at DFS (Duty Free Singapore) to have a taste of their cocktails! We had a lovely Singapore Sling and proceeded to head to our flight gate. Super looking forward to the trip and we couldn't wait to board!

DFS (Duty Free Singapore)

I love love love airplane food. So sinful but at the same time something I definitely look forward to every flight. I'm onboard SIA for this ride.

Woohoo! Finally arrived at The Queen's Terminal, where SIA parked.

I had booked a driver to take us to our destination, Cambridge! After much research, I had earlier made an online booking with Express Airport Transport (EAT), and had a nice ride with a professional, friendly driver. Our group was 4 adults group, with 3 luggages, hence we chose a MPV (with meet-and-greet service) for our ride.

Our ride costed about £106.82 (approx SGD$194), and chose to also pay the driver by cash. The ride took about 1.5 to 2 hours (I can't remember exactly how long as I also fell asleep in the car for abit.

Express Airport Transport (EAT)
Tel: (Int) +44203 327 6600

We've finally arrived, and by then, it was already pretty dark since days are kinda shorter in UK. We chose to stay at Best Western Plus, The Gonville, because my sister had to head over to Cambridge University for a couple of days for a conference. The hotel is within walking distance and we really enjoyed how it was also situated at a quieter part of Cambridge. Some people attending the conference was also staying at this hotel, so I guess it was really quite convenient.

Best Western Plus, The Gonville 
(now also known as The Gonville Hotel after renovation)
Location: Gonville Pl, Cambridge CB1 1LY, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1223 366611

We arrived in time for dinner and to help ease my dad into the food there (for the coming days), we decided to head over for some familiar Chinese food as our first meal - at Yim Wah Express (a stone's throw away from the hotel). I have to say that it isn't the best, but I guess it'll well do.

I am very picky about Chinese food because I grew up with it, and I guess the food here, while familiar, didn't actually make the mark very well (for me).  For example, we ordered the Fujian fried rice with prawns, duck, chinese mushrooms (福建炒饭, £10) but how our fried rice was served with gravy, I didn't understand it although I did think it was still flavourful.

Some other dishes we ordered were the Beef with ho fun in spicy black bean sauce 豉椒牛肉炒河, £8.50 and the Preserved egg and Salted pork congee (皮蛋咸肉粥, £6.50)

The dishes served were quite generous and 3 main dishes were just the right portion for 4 of us. My suggestion would be to order less first and if really not enough, then add on to the order. The wait staff would respond to you quickly if they notice you but they are often very busy hence  you might have to wait a bit to get their attention.

Yim Wah Express
Location: Yim Wah Express 2 – 4 Lensfield Road Cambridge CB2 1EG
Tel: +44 01223 309530

That's all for the first day in Cambridge, UK! And onward to the next day! :)

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