Togi 토기: A decade old Korean restaurant along Mosque Street

Togi 토기: A decade old Korean restaurant along Mosque Street

I was walking around Chinatown a few days ago during lunch, and chanced upon Togi, a traditional Korean restaurant which just turned a decade old last month. 
I chose one of their specialties listed on their menu - Spicy tofu soup with seafood ($13, 해물 순두부찌개).

I was thirsty while waiting, so I asked for water but they didn't serve water so instead I ordered the Korean homemade barley tea ($2 a jug, 보리차).
While homemade, I would have appreciated a deeper roasted flavour of the barley, which was really not apparent at all. 
Moving on, 6 side dishes then made their way to the table next. My favourites were the vegetables, the rest of the side dishes tasted just alright. Then, the star of the lunch session arrived: the stew!
The stew, upon stirring slightly, had looked a little too clear for sundubu stews. I was getting worried, but thank goodness, my worries were for nothing. The stew, though slightly clearer than similar stews from other resturants, had presented with clearer seafood infused flavour. The level of spiciness was just right too.

Unfortunately, the rice I had tasted slightly harder than the usual Korean sticky rice. I would have rated it better if the rice tasted softer. But that's just my view. 
Going back to the stew, I did appreciate the 2 huge prawns which were in the stew, but in the convenience aspect, it could be tough for some others who aren't that good in peeling prawns with their chopsticks and metal spoons. I had to use 2 spoons to peel it as I was definitely not going to use my fingers. Other than the prawns, the tofu was also cooked to perfection, as the other seafood items (clams, squids) were as well. 

Overall, I did enjoy this dish despite having some difficulty with the prawns. I can see why this is their specialty, but I would have liked that they improve the rice texture as Korean steamed rice plays a very important part in the entire experience for eating their stews.  

Togi (Chinatown branch, no reservations taken)
Location: 11 Mosque Street, Chinatown, Singapore 059491
Operating Hours: Open Daily - Lunch (11.30am-2.30pm), Dinner (6pm-10pm)

They also have another branch at TripleOne Somerset, which has a brighter, whiter and cafe-like setting. 

Togi (Somerset branch)
Location: 111 Somerset Road, #02-16, TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238164
Tel: 67377397 (for reservations)
Operating Hours: Open Daily - Lunch (11.30am-3pm), Dinner (6pm-9.30pm), Drink (9am-Midnight)

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