Tilley Persian Fig Diffusers and Scented Soy Candles for a lovely smelling home

Tilley Persian Fig Diffusers and Scented Soy Candles for a lovely smelling home

Recently, I've grown to love putting aroma diffusers around my home and tried out a couple of my own. So I was really glad when LIN's Australia sent over a diffuser and scented soy candle for me to try out!

Produced by Tilley Soaps and carried by LIN's Australia, the Tilley Persian Fig Diffuser ($69, 150ml) and the Tilley Persian Fig Candle ($55, 250ml) are now readily available for purchase for folks in Singapore.

The Diffuser: 
When I first smelled the product, I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely scent that hit me. It smells so lovely, like perfume! The scent is so gentle and not overbearing at all.

Taking it out from the box!
All you have to do is to remove the stopper and insert the reeds. Just be a little careful, because it is not so easy to remove the stopper. I successfully (and neatly) removed the stopper with the help of a pair of scissors.
Once you insert the reeds, allow a little more time for the reed sticks to absorb the liquid. The scent would be more apparent after about 30 minutes.
Scents last up to 6 months! And the best thing is, you don't ever have to do anything to it, it just sits there (looking and smelling pretty), at a corner of the room. I recommend this scent as it made my room smell crisp and fresh. Could sleep in my bedroom all day!

The Candle:
The candle has the same scent as the reed diffuser, but I feel that the diffuser's scent comes off sharper and quicker. 
Same scent, different presentation.
Candle maintenance directions:
It has up to 40 hours burning time! But you are not recommended to burn it more than 2 hours at any one occasion. 

My dad was helping me light up the candle. (Haha!)
Feels so cosy!
In summary, for those who'd always like their homes to smell nice and welcoming, it is a must to have reed diffusers or candles as part of your home accessories.

They not only smell good, but look good as well. For me, my preference is with the reed diffusers as they are constantly doing the scent work in the background, constantly giving out whiffs of fragrance, unlike some home fragrance sprays that hit you immediately in the face. I can imagine this being put in a minimalist home or somewhere with a bright, stylish decor. 

I will still reserve the use of candles for special occasions and recommend it to those who likes romantic, cosy type decors. 
These 2 products are available in the LIN's Australia online store or you can also visit their sole retail outlet located in United Square (Thomson Road) if you want to check out the scent before purchase.

LIN's Australia
Location: 101 Thomson Rd #B1-70 United Square Singapore 307591
Tel: 6254 6009  
Operating hours: 10.30am to 9.30pm  
Website & Online store: Link

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  1. Whoa you get invited to test this too? So cool la~ Means you're really quite popz! ㅋㅋㅋ

  2. Nice post.Tilley persian fig diffuser is quiet different from others present in market so this can be much more interesting product to try and scented soy candles are amazing in looking with huge burn time.Most importantly the price of these products are affordable than others brands.Thanks


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