The Daily Press Cafe: Toa Payoh's Hipster Joint

The Daily Press Cafe: Toa Payoh's Hipster Joint

The Daily Press is a cozy cafe situated in the residential Toa Payoh. Stepping in, you'll notice the lovely tiled floor.
We dived straight into the food and the coffee, I ordered the Cafe Latte and Babi Pongteh Sandwich.

It's really a sandwich cafe as there's little cafe food on the menu. Don't expect to have waffles or ice-cream here like the other cafes. This is their unique selling point!
When the cafe latte ($5) arrived, my eyes lit up because the latte art looked quite pretty! When I tasted the coffee, I found it to be really smooth and nice to drink.
Girls on diet will not like having the Babi Pongteh Sandwich ($12). Filled with carrots, cucumber and of course, Babi Pongteh. I liked how the ciabatta bread was toasted crispy and overall went well together with the flavoured meat.
However, I would have liked the Babi Pongteh to be more deep set in flavour. The sandwich also came with some greens on the side, and I really liked the salad!

Fatty meat galore!
Overall, I felt that the sandwich (at least what I've tasted) are not super impressive but still higher than average. The coffee, however, was really smooth and the latte art was really pretty.
For those looking for a nice, smooth cup of hipster coffee, I do recommend you come here to chill out. But do be prepared to face a limited variety of cafe food here.

The Daily Press
Location: 126 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 #01-561
Website: Link

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday: 10.30am to 9.30pm
Closed on Monday

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