Stephanie Cafe 스테파니 카페

Stephanie Cafe 스테파니 카페

[South Korea, Seoul] Going to Stephanie cafe is a downhill task. Literally. Because to get to Stephanie Cafe, you literally have to walk down a slope to get there.
Once you've walked down the long flight of stairs, turn right and walk straight. Then keep a look out for nicely decorated cafe on your right. That's Stephanie Cafe.

Entering the cafe, we were served with a lovely bread snack, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Their bread tastes lovely.
We then also took the recommendation from the staff to order the seafood baked mac and cheese. It was a good recommendation.

I came to look for the Stephanie Cafe also because of its Pink pasta, also known as Beetroot Pasta. While researching my eats, I got to know that Stephanie Cafe is one of the rare cafes in Seoul which specialises in it. 
The Pink Pasta is made of beetroot, hence the colour. And while a nice dish to have, it also looks very pretty to eat.

Unfortunately, we agreed that while the beetroot pasta is very pretty, the seafood mac and cheese still wins hands down. If you come here, I highly recommend you try the mac and cheese!
Stephanie Cafe 스테파니 카페 (Sinsa Branch)
Location: 551-11 Sinsa-dong Gangnam-gu, Seoul South Korea
Tel: +82-02-512-8579
Website: Link
Directions: Get off at Sinsa Station Exit 8, walk all the way straight until you see Hyundai Oilbank, then turn left and go down the slope all the way. Once you reach the bottom of the slope, turn right and walk straight. Keep a lookout on your right and you'll see Stephanie Cafe. The entire walk from the station to the cafe takes about 5 - 7 minutes.  

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