Kki ケーキ Sweets: Pretty, fluffy mousse cakes!

Kki ケーキ Sweets: Pretty, fluffy mousse cakes!

So with all the foodies hyping on the pretty cakes of Kki ケーキ Sweets, I've decided to make a trip there to try it out!

The surroundings: 
Lovely interior designed space! Simple and clean, with white lightings cast on yellow wood. Feels warm and really stylishly spacious!

In their shop, they also display various household ware, which is really pretty! Visit them to see the beautiful line of products they have.
I ordered the Tsugaru/Apple and Ume/Apricot tea to have with my cakes. I tasted both teas, but they were really light and we were unable to really tell them apart after several tries.

Nevertheless, we were really glad we did order the teas to have with the cakes because they were kind of thick on flavour and the teas really helped to wash it down!
First up, the Antoinette ($8.80). Their handcrafted cakes are made with french mousse and though small, it is still tastes quite thick for its size.
 Feels light, cuts light, but when eaten, FLAVOUR to the max.
It feels quite thick to me because the Antoinette is made with white chocolate. Eating it halfway, I cut some cake from the back and found mango paste in it! Somehow, the mango didn't work with the white chocolate as I felt that it was masking the mango taste.
Next - I love this, NAO ($9.80)! This light and fluffy Strawberry mousse with pistachio cake wins my vote. And it's really pretty! Love the colours.
Peekaboo! There's a inner pistachio mousse with a cake layer at the bottom.
To compare, I liked NAO better because it tasted lighter and more unique.

Overall, the mousse cakes were really well done in terms of presentation, but it was a hit and a miss for me. Antoinette was a miss, NAO was a hit! I recommend you have NAO if you visit :)

They also serve whole cakes, visit this page for prices.

Kki Sweets
Location: School of the Arts (SOTA), 1 Zubir Said Drive, #02-01, Singapore 227968
Tel: +65-6225-6650
Website: Link

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