DEN: European style bistro nestled in quiet Boon Tat Street

DEN: European style bistro nestled in quiet Boon Tat Street

Born to Boon Tat Street in December 2014, DEN's relaxing and inviting decor seems to beckon you in for a great chillout session. A bistro during the day and a tapas bar by night, we gathered here for a tasting session and a great night out, all thanks to the Entertainer and DEN. 
Before I start, I would just like to thank the Entertainer for organising this event. To share a little more about them, The Entertainer offers more than 800 Buy One Get One Free offers for Singapore’s hottest restaurants, bars, informal dining, spas, activities, attractions and more. 

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Lunch Food Items: 

Beetroot Salad ($10)
This refreshing salad is a healthy and great for ladies on a diet! Full of nutrients, the salad includes mesclun, oranges, quinoa mixed with rocket leaves. The king of the dish of course, is the beetroot, which is a power food in its own right.

Watermelon Salad ($10)
I really enjoyed this salad. It was refreshing and light, im sure this will be perfect with the ladies (and probably a glass of wine or champagne too). I loved the addition of a farro, which gave it a light, but nutty grainy and healthy overall taste.

Seafood Mafalda ($15)

This was one of my favourite dishes! 
The seafood (fish, squid, prawns) were really well done and the fettucine, coated with tomato and cream sauce was very tasty. A huge bunch of yuzu dressed rocket salad on top ensured that having your greens would not be something you'd forget.

Truffle Mac and Cheese ($12)

With cheddar cheese, mozzarella and gouda, all melted and baked with macaroni, mushrooms and diced spicy Italian sausages, you'd think that it'll be a heavy enough dish to have. On top of that, literally, they also added truffle paste! 

I warn, this dish is for the hungry folks. This dish was a little too heavy for me. A vegetarian option is also available, just check with the wait staff for it. 

Dinner Food Items: 

Zucchini ($8)
A light and refreshing starter, the sliced zucchinis are mixed with lemon zest, soy caviar, some parmesan and toasted crushed cashew nuts. It was a crunchy and nice combination.

Lotus Root Chips ($7)
I just found my new favourite snack. Most on my table were raving about the chips. The lotus root chips were fried to a lovely golden brown and of the right crisp level. 
What more, the cauliflower dip is also rich and flavourful enough to impress. This is definitely a must-have snack which will go down well with beer. 

Grilled Squid ($15)
First look, it's really oily. But its taste was better than it looked. The sliced squid pieces were tender and easy to chew on. A sprinkle of taste from the mixture of chilli, garlic, anchovy and kaffir lime leaf also enhanced its flavour, giving it a unique edge.

Truffle Bacon Mushroom Pizza  ($18)

Whiffs from truffle oil hit you before even tasting the pizza. The mushrooms were lovely and the truffle was not overwhelming but of the right amount. Well balanced, this could very well be my cure to a truffle flavoured dish craving at DEN.

DEN Wings ($10)

Wings were lovely and a must-try. The meat was tender, with a crispy blanket of DEN's spicy house marinade spice was not overbearing, but just nice. Another snack best ordered with some cold beer.

Pigs in a Basket ($10)

The spicy Italian sausages, which were hugged tightly by strips of toasted bacon, were flavourful and coupled with double mustard sauce, was really a good snack or finger food.

Truffle and Parma Bikini ($15)

This dish was pretty good, at least to me. The truffle paste was just nicely spread within the toasted exterior, stuck tightly together with melted vintage cheddar and parmesan, with a slight hint of the parma peeking out when you are chewing on it. Worth a try. 

Pork Belly ($18)

Honestly, I was quite surprised how well they cooked this dish. Eating this dish, you should have it with the apple kimchi and stewed sliced granny smith apples which they displayed nicely on the side. 
It was a lovely combination with the pork belly, which had been slow cooked for 48 hours. The flavour from the meat's fatty oil combined with crisp, pork belly and nice, light flavoured apples made this a lovely dish to have.


Apple Crumble ($8, available during lunch and dinner time)
Apple bites, buried below the brandied currants and vanilla bean ice-cream, are stewed in muscovado sugar. A lovely sweet treat when chillaxing with your mates.

Brownie ($8, available only during dinner)
Oh my! Who dropped the flower pot? 
Seemingly, that was the idea behind the presentation of this dish: fallen dirt cake style. 
That aside, the brownie bits had a nice chocolaty flavour and I thought it was very interesting that they added candied bacon to it! Unfortunately the chocolaty taste of the brownie had slightly masked the bacon taste but the texture of the two could still be tasted. This interesting dessert is worth a try. 

Overall, I did think that most of their dishes were well done, and they have done well paying attention to the taste of their food, which might just be their edge over other tapas bars.

To end this post, if you already have the Entertainer app, do check out the DEN offers on it. It’s currently offering 1-for-1 for Main Menu items. For Lunch menu, all the pastas and main courses qualify for this offer, and for Dinner menu, only the pizzas qualify.

Location: 29 Boon Tat Street, Singapore 069624
Website: Link

This is an invited media tasting session.

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