Thai Boat Noodle

Thai Boat Noodle

Thai Boat Noodle opened at Bedok Point on 22 January 2015. Its founder, Ms Khun Aum (pronounced ‘Khoon Ahm’, is bent on bringing authentic Thai food to Singaporeans, where she is currently based in with her Singaporean husband and kids.

About Thai Boat Noodle:
Thai Boat Noodle is a new Thai noodle bar and casual dining restaurant located in Bedok Point, that serves quality authentic Thai-Chinese street food, using the freshest ingredients sourced directly from Thailand. It is the first restaurant to bring you the one and only, Thai Boat Noodle, also known as Kuai Tiao Ruea or, rice noodle. Not to worry, there's no pigs' blood involved, unlike the original Kuai Tiao Ruea in Thailand."
The highlight of the restaurant is its $1 / $1.50 Thai Noodle Bowl that is served in a variety of style – dry, soup, spicy pork and tom yum.

Boat Noodle Soup / Kuai Tiao Ruea ($1)

I liked this noodle soup! It was well done and I slurped it up in a mouthful. It came with Thai Pork Ball, sliced pork, kang kong, bean sprout.

Boat Noodle Dry / Kuai Tiao Ruea ($1)
The dry version of the Boat Noodle Soup, which contained same ingredients as the soup version, except that this version also came with their homemade Thai Black Sauce. I like soupy stuff, hence I would go with the soup version for this one.

Spicy Pork Noodles  / Yum Woon Sen ($1)
Glass noodles, thai pork ball and minced pork. Somehow, this was slightly too sourish for me, hence it was just a so-so dish for me. Good for people who love sour foods.

Tom Yam Noodle / Kuai Tiao Tom Yam ($1.50)
The tom yam noodles came with prawns, sliced fish slice & tomato wedge. The Tom Yam tasted pretty good, and would recommend this to those who loves a good Tom Yum taste.

Crispy Chicken Skin / Nang Kai Thot ($4.80)
Made with Khun Aum’s grandmother’s personal recipe, the Chicken Skin is one winning dish in the menu which most will enjoy.

Light and most crispy, it tastes really good and is not really that oily.

Tom Yam Fried Rice / Kay Pad Tom Yam ($7.80)
One of my favourite dishes of the night, I really liked the Tom Yam flavor, deeply flavoured in the rice. With its

Thai Pandan Jelly / Wun Gati Bai Tuey ($5 for 4 pcs)

Made with chestnut, Coconut Milk and Pandan Jelly, this dessert was really light and good to have after an oily meal. I almost could not stop snacking on these as it was quite addictive.

Drinks (from $2 to $4): Thai Ice Milk Tea (Cha Yen), Homemade Lemongrass (Nam Ta Krai) and Homemade Roselle (Nam Kra Heb)

The drinks were really nice, and my heart goes to the Thai Ice Milk Tea and Lemongrass. It was really refreshing and with a nice Thai meal, you cannot go without Thai Ice Milk Tea!

They are also having a Eating Challenge now, which will last 10 weeks per season. The top prize is an iPhone 6, so please do check it out here!

The top challenger is currently a guy who ate 37 bowls of their noodles! 

Take up the challenge and let it stack!

Thai Boat Noodle
Location: Bedok Point, 799 New Upper Changi Road, #02-32/34 Singapore 467351
Tel: (+65) 6445-3392

This is an invited media tasting session.

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