[CLOSED] Taiwan Railway Bento 台湾铁路便当

[CLOSED] Taiwan Railway Bento 台湾铁路便当

Taiwan Bento Railway is built on the concept of railway station bentos being sold in Taiwan’s railway stations and inside train cabins for the working class. Apparently, they are made up of a rich assortment of side dishes which are being prepared with very little oil used.

Century Beancurd 皮蛋豆腐
The presentation of this dish was really unappealing. I did not enjoy this side dish as the amount of sauce was too much and very salty. I was unable to indulge in the silkiness of the tofu due to the high level of saltiness which makes it hard to enjoy. Century egg was decent.

Fried King Oyster Mushroom 炸鲍鱼菇
The Fried Mushrooms, though one of their most appealing dishes, was unable to get my ‘thumbs up’ as the outer batter, though crispy, had lacked oomph despite having been peppered with chilli power. The mushroom taste was lacking and needs to peek out more.

Braised Minced Meat Bento 卤肉便当
The minced meat was really minced too finely and the sauce was overwhelming. The way I ate this dish was with the preserved vegetables, which amped up its flavor more. To give it another punch of excitement, I included the sambal chili sauce.

Fried Chicken Cutlet Bento 炸鸡排便当
The preserved vegetable’s saltiness was not overbearing but is still best eaten with rice. The braised dougua (tougher type beancurd) is one of the side dishes which requires more effort and I would say that it is nicely done. The fried chicken was nice and juicy with the right amounts of fats. Under the fried chicken also lies a bed of minced meat sauce, same as the Minced Meat Bento dish. I would say this has the most value out of all dishes as you get to try both fried chicken and the minced meat in the same bowl.

Verdict: Simple décor with a theme and food is decent. Still, it is not enough to attract customers to come looking for it specifically and would do well with those looking to fill their tummies with wide variety of Taiwan food dishes.

They also sell little Taiwan snacks near the entrance, do check it out if you're there.

Taiwan Railway Bento 台湾铁路便当
Location: No. 2 Kallang Avenue #02-16, Singapore 339407
Tel: (+65) 6538-0019

This is an invited media tasting session. 

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