Supply & Demand - Modern Italian Trattoria & Pizzeria

Supply & Demand - Modern Italian Trattoria & Pizzeria

At first glance, Supply & Demand did look like a normal Italian restaurant. The interior is somewhat changed into a more hipster, casual setting which really comes across as a huge cafe. 

Went there with 6 girls and tried the 5 following dishes.

Truffle Fries with Garlic
Served piping hot with thick fries, it came with a bunch of fried garlic, chilli sauce and mayonnaise. It was really nicely done, but towards the bottom, the truffle taste got lesser and lesser. Eat the fries and fried garlic with the chilli for an extra punch. 

Smoked Salmon Bruschetta ($13)
Served in 5 pieces, this dish is a looker. At the most bottom, lies a grilled garlic bread, then layered with tomato concasse and topped with sun dried tomato and smoked salmon. The sun dried tomato and the smoked salmon, combined to give the bruschetta a saltier edge, while the tomato concasse made it slightly juicier. 
The taste of the garlic bread, however, was masked by the salty toppings. I would still give this dish a 'thumbs up' because it liked how it tasted overall.

Just a note, the pizza is all freshly made on the spot! Hence, we had to wait 45 minutes for it, but it was worth the wait. 

Pollo Classico Chicken Classic Pizza ($24)
The Pollo Classico Chicken Classic is a really simple looking pizza filled with chicken chunks, bell peppers, onions and mushrooms. I would have liked that there were more mushrooms, and the taste of the bell peppers were a little too much. 
The chicken was lean but the tomato based pizza had felt a little dry. It tasted better after I added more chilli flakes to the pizza for an extra oomph, which is what you should do if you order this dish, to amp up the taste.

La Mattina Dopo / The Morning After Pizza ($24)
This pizza is not only a delicious, juicy eat, but also fun! 
With mozarella, bacon, mushroom and a soft, sunny egg embedded in the centre of the pizza, it was really your all-in-one brunch in a triangular slice. 
We were trying so hard not to crack the egg while tearing out the pizza, but we failed! We did it for fun, of course. 
Well, you're really supposed to let it flow. The yolk, I mean. Break the yolk and let the runny yellow liquid flow. Then, spread it circular around the pizza center and each grab a slice! Definitely one of my favourite eats here. 

All'Arrabbiata with Shrimps ($19)
This classic Italian tomato based spaghetti is a really lovely dish to have, especially for chilli lovers. They used hot garlic infused tomato sauce to cook this dish, and the spicy aftertaste is the selling point. 
They are generous with the shrimps. If you're eating it alone, you'll have an approximate 5 shrimps all to yourself. Mix it well with the sauce and enjoy! 

Carbonara Classico ($18)
Beware what you choose here. There are 2 choices up for grabs and the name is very similar: Classico and Cremoso. Classico is the version which is prepared without cream, and that's what you see here in the photo. While it had a very slight hint of cream, I didn't really enjoy this dish because I felt it was too dry. Their shaved cheese was insufficient too and this dish was really so-so for me.

Unfortunately, after all that food, we were too full to order any desserts. There were some hits and some bare misses, but overall, I would come again, at least for The Morning After pizza and the very shiok All'Arrabbiata Pasta!

Recommended eats: 
All'Arrabbiata with Shrimps Pasta
The Morning After Pizza
Smoked Salmon Bruschetta

Supply & Demand (Orchard Gateway)
Location: 277 Orchard Road, #02-13/14, Orchard Gateway, 238858
Tel: 6702 6218

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