Neo's Rosehip Oil Facial Cleanser by LIN's Australia

Neo's Rosehip Oil Facial Cleanser by LIN's Australia

Fashioned in a curved bottle, the feeling you first get when you see Neo's Rosehip Oil Facial Cleanser (a product of LIN's Australia) is like a sensual, curvy, plastic bottled packaging. It feels good to hold, and is easy to manage.

Clumsy people like me will definitely welcome this in the bathroom as you won't be afraid if it were to slip out of your hands during shower time, because of the somewhat hardy packaging.

In LIN's, you can assimilate a range of quality skin, body, hair and scented natural products with an organic interpretation of beauty into an everyday routine. Extracted from plants with selective bottling of nature, we deliver gentle, wholesome and delicate products that are the best off our soil.
Once you squeeze the pink gel out of the bottle, a faint hint of rose surrounds you. Applying it on your face will immediately have you feeling relaxed, as you take in the aroma of the rose fragrance. The pink gel also contains little microbeads which helps to aid in deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation.

Unfortunately, the rose fragrance doesn't last very long on the face after washing. I swear I could have gotten addicted to the scent.
One of its claimed benefits is that it helps remove white or black heads. Having just used it twice, I am yet able to see or confirm that effect. I guess only with longer use, only then will I be able to fully test its effects on that claim.

Using the product is an easy thing too, I've posted the directions below (see image):
Squeezing the pink gel out of the bottle is generally not too smooth, however, I would recommend you give the bottle a gentle shake first before squeezing, and that should solve all concerns.

2 Main Ingredients: Witch Hazel Extract and Rosehip Oil

The product contains witch hazel extracts and Rosehip oil, 2 main ingredients which are both powerful for the skin in its own right.

Witch Hazel Extracts are powerful plant based extracts that helps to clarify and brighten skin, as well as shrink pores. Because it is a natural astringent, it can help to control excess oil (Singapore ladies, rejoice!) as well and has, to a certain extent, some drying properties.

But I'm glad to say that though the product has slight drying properties, it did not dry my skin but yet helps me feel refreshed. I believe the Rosehip oil and rose oil helped to balance out that drying effect.

The Rosehip oil, the other main ingredient in this product, also contains anti-aging properties to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and also has vitamin A, which help the product to further penetrate deeper into the skin to moisturise beyond the skin's surface.

In summary, I really like the rose fragrance here, because it is light and not overwhelming. I also like that is that it is gentle on the skin, and with enough micro beads for daily gentle exfoliation, and also the lovely marriage of 2 ingredients whose main goal is to make the skin lovely. 

- Lightly scented
- Easy to use
- Gentle on skin 
- Moisturising
- Lovin' the marriage of Witch Hazel Extract and Rosehip Oil

- Dispensing of product not so smooth, but can be solved by gently shaking it before squeezing. 

Product retails at $62 (250ml).

LIN's Australia
Retail Outlet: 101 Thomson Rd #B1-70 United Square Singapore 307591 
Tel: (+65) 6254 6009 
Opens daily 10.30am to 9.30pm 

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