Hombre Cantina

Hombre Cantina

In Mexican, 'Hombre' is 'man' in Spanish or a slang term meaning 'dude'. 'Cantina' means 'bar'. Well. That's really the concept of Hombre Cantina, a Mexican food joint born in September 2013 along Boat Quay, which serves up some really neat drinks. 

Here's a bit more about them.  
Hombre Cantina is inspired by the Baja peninsula and its long stretches of remote beaches scattered with fishing villages that embrace a slower, simpler way of life and genuine ‘mi casa su casa’ hospitality. Alex developed a love for Baja and its food through multiple trips down the peninsula as a youngster. 
First, we were served chips with 3 salsas, with Pineapple Chile (mild spicy), Fire-roasted tomato (medium spicy), Salsa Verde (Hot). To be honest, I don't find either one really that spicy, but I could taste the varying levels of spiciness. If you can't really take that spicy, I suggest you go for the pineapple, as it's definitely a gentler and milder dip.
 The Pineapple Chile (in yellow)
 The Fire-Roasted Tomato salsa (in red) and the Salsa Verde (in green)

You can also try the chips with these 3 Chilli sauces, it's really good and spicy! From a milder version to a spicier one, they have it all.

The flavour of the nachos were pretty creative and addictive because of its toppings, which is quite an interesting mix: Black beans, cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream & fresh cilantro. The chips used were the same chips they served us with the 3 salsas and I did like the chips as they did not turn soft despite our 2 hour dining session. 

The quesadillas were really good, served in folded tortilla and grilled with hombre's burnt cheese blend, we had one with braised beef brisket filling and the other filling as Roasted Chicken Thigh. It was very well put together and a delight to have, albeit a little oily.

Burrito time! This burrito is bound to make you feel full as it is bulky with alot of stuffings in the tortilla. We tried the beef brisket filling and the roasted veggies. My vote goes to the beef brisket filling as I'm more of a meat person, plus I like how the beef brisket filling made it more juicy and satisfying.
Burritos are served with Mexican-style rice, black beans, romaine lettuce, pico de gallo and sour cream.

The tacos are served with 3 soft corn tortillas wrapped with cabbage & pico de gallo. The food here are quite flexible as you can add on your own fillings and toppings to customise your dish. I liked the Tacos but it was a little messy eating it as the juicy sauce was slapped on top of the taco. But yummy!

The Salad Bowl, which contains Romaine lettuce topped with black beans, romaine lettuce, pico de gallo and sour cream. 

Mexican Grilled Corn served with crema, cheese and Hombre's spice blend is also one of my favourite side dishes!

The Chicken Chicharrones (Fried Chicken Skin) is best had with lime and their own spice blend (chilli) because it is slightly on the oilier side, Hence, the lime would really help lighten that.

Also, try their Fruta. I had the Passionafruit version and I loved it as they used fresh fruit for this with 50ml of tequila.

The beers are light and easy to drink. Just push the lemon for an extra zest.

I really love this drink, Tamarindo, as it's made with fresh tamarind and chilli. It was very tasty and I will definitely come back for this! This was a real thirst quencher and was really lovely if drank with salt, which they nicely placed on the rim of the glass.

They also serve Sparkle Donkey Tequila (distilled double) here. The alcohol level is 40%, and really really strong! I couldn't take this, only for those who can hold their liquor very well, please.

For a great place to have alcohol, check out Hombre Cantina. The drinks are really worth the visit.

Hombre Cantina
Location:53 Boat Quay Singapore 049842 (Boat Quay) 

This is an invited media tasting session.

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