Healthy Nuts and Dried Fruits by Garden Picks

Healthy Nuts and Dried Fruits by Garden Picks

Chinese New Year is coming soon! This also means that it is weight-gaining season for most. How about a healthier alternative that doesn't weigh any less on the delicious aspect? 

I bring you...

Dried fruits and nuts from Garden Picks!

You've probably heard of them before if you love dried fruits and nuts. After all, they are a company who supplies dried fruits and nuts to many renowned restaurant chains, hotels and retailers across Singapore.

Even if you haven't heard of them before, you've heard of them now! You've probably even tasted their products before, at your favourite restaurant. 

They are also the online leading retailer of dried fruits and nuts in Singapore. So I was very excited to receive these packets of goodness from them. 

At Garden Picks, we believe that everyone deserves the very best that Nature has to offer. And that is why our mission is to tirelessly pick the best fruits and nuts for you that aren’t just of better nutrition, but are oh-so-delicious! And that’s what we are about - ‘planting’ a smile in you as you enjoy these wholesome snacks.

Royale Berry Mix (100gm (3 packs for $10) : $3.80)

Contains Cranberry, USA Jumbo Raisin, USA Strawberry and USA Blueberry. I love the jumbo raisin! It emits its own sweetness, but yet not overly sweet.  

Canadian Maple Cashews (80gm (3 packs for $10) : $3.80)

Honestly, I'm not really a nut person. But this has got me munching on it non-stop. Because it's just so addictive! 

They coated the cashew nuts with Canadian maple, and I would definitely recommend this for Chinese New Year! 甜甜蜜蜜 (sweet) mah, so must be sweet like these cashew nuts right? :)

Salted Caramel Peanuts (70gm (3 packs for $10) : $3.80)

Salted caramels are one of the hit flavours now, and with that, Garden Picks also has their very own Salted Caramel Peanuts. 

I can taste a hint of caramel on the peanut, but I felt the taste could have been stronger, including the salted part. It can be a good snack for those who likes their caramel coating not that strong.
Baked Almond (Unsalted!) (120gm (3 packs for $10) : $3.80)

One of their top sellers, it's not hard to see why fitness and health junkies would list this as their top snacks. Natural, unsalted almonds are tasty and nutritious snacks with health benefits like the promoting of heart health and prevention of weight gain (I really should take more of these).  

They are loaded with minerals and are also one of the healthiest of tree nuts.  Though unsalted, they taste really good. Everyday, just a handful of them will reap you health benefits in the long run, so why not! Have these for Chinese New Year and you can snack away without any worry!

Classic Nut & Berry Mix (140gm (3 packs for $10) : $3.80)

 Also one of their top sellers, there is a good balance of nuts and dried fruit if you like both types. There are also their baked almonds in it, if you'd like a good overview of their products. Sweet and healthy mix all in one packet!

Contains Baked Almond, USA Walnut, Roasted Peanut, Cranberry and Green Raisins.

Honey Mustard Soya Crisps (120gm (3 packs for $10) : $3.80) 

This is their new product from Australia! This is one of my favourites among the bunch as well, because I'm a more savoury and sweet person. 
These healthy chips made with GM-free and Australian grown soya beans offer you a crisp, sweet and savoury experience. I seriously can't stop munching on this. 

Black Chia Seeds (Bolivia) (500gm (per pack) : $10.00) 

If you're into beauty, you will know that alot of beauty experts and bloggers these days are talking about eating Chia Seeds as a beauty regime. Not only are they good for the skin, they are also good for health. Chia - which means 'strength' in the Mayan language, are prized as a product which provides energy and strength. Chia seeds are high in nutritional fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants and the little seeds pack a huge punch. 

The Bolivia Black Chia Seeds are available for purchase at Garden Picks. 
On how to eat chia seeds, please read here. Chia seeds are very powerful, hence you should also learn how to eat them right. 

One thing I liked about the packaging is that each packet is resealable, so the dried fruits / nuts really stay fresh and crisp. It is also easy to keep and store, and their packet is not flimsy, so I really do like that. 

Garden Picks also sells other many other types of Gourmet Flavoured nuts (Wasabi Green Peas, Mexican Salsa Cashew, etc) to Soya Crisps, Nuts & Seeds, Dried Fruits and lovely mixes (Berry / Nut mixes). A one-stop shop selling various healthy snacks, and just in time for CNY!  

So click on the link and get your health mix today!

Link: Garden Picks

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