Flavour Flings - A nice cafe in Kovan with a lovely brunch menu

Flavour Flings - A nice cafe in Kovan with a lovely brunch menu

Located at a quiet part of Kovan, is a well decorated, garden-inspired brunch/cafe, Flavour Flings

Entering the cafe on a Saturday morning was just the right thing to do. With a great amount of sunlight and lovely setting, you're set up for a great start to a hearty breakfast.

Caffe Latte ($5)

For a start, I rinsed my palate with their Caffe Latte, it was a decent, smooth drink. 

Basic Stacks ($9)

2 stacked pancakes were served with fine sugar icing, maple syrup and 2 slabs of heart-shaped butter. Staying true to its name, everything is just basically stacked on top of one another. 

A simple but really nice presentation. Valentine's day is coming. Bring your lover here for this! 

The pancakes were fluffy, sweet and buttery, which is how pancakes should really taste. 

Eggs Jupiter ($17)

One of their must-try, specialty brunch menu item! Main attraction is the cheese on top of the egg, so let's dissect it, shall we? 
For the cheese, they've chosen to melt the Gruyere, a type of cheese typically used for cheese fondues. The eggs that go into a blissful matrimony with the cheese set on a Momotaro tomato slice and slightly toasted brioche, is the highlight of the entire dish. 
Especially when the egg yolk flows out. It's really a #supereggporn because of the cheese mix as well. You'll really enjoy this one, you egg benedict lovers out there.

Aglio Olio ($16)

Not too oily, it was a lovely, well-made dish which consisted smoked salmon, chilli flakes and some lemon zest. 
The pasta was of a nice texture, cooked al dente, as the Italians would do theirs. Smoked salmon was a pleasure to have for a slightly saltier edge.

Hot Chocolate ($6)

I was getting a little worried about trying the Hot Chocolate at this point, to be honest. After such a heavy breakfast, it was really just going to be a sip for me. Or so I thought. 
The hot chocolate drink, though nothing fancy, offers a chocolaty experience without being too overwhelming on the senses. And best thing is, it wasn't too thick, which was really how I liked chocolate, if you've been reading my other reviews, you'd know. :)

What really appealed to me in this cafe was the lovely ambience, the presentation and the taste of its breakfast items. 

Overall, its drinks present with a smooth finish and is easy on the taste buds. But I would have expected more from it, however. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the food, as they really delivered on the 'flavour' aspect, and the amalgamation of the various flavours still stay vivid in my mind even after leaving the cafe. 

I left thinking, 'Yepp, I'm coming back again'. And they've truly earned the name of their cafe: Flavour Flings - A desire for a recurring affair, with their food. 

The cafe uses ingredients which are sourced from halal sources, so Muslim friends, eat on too!

Flavour Flings
Location: Blk 121 Hougang Ave 1 #01-1348 Singapore 530121
Tel: (+65) 6286-0051

Ratings: 8.5 / 10

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