Dermagold's Award Winning Purifying Scrub and Brightening Revitalizer

Dermagold's Award Winning Purifying Scrub and Brightening Revitalizer

I was really glad to be invited by Dermagold to review their products. Just recently, I have also done a quick review on 2 other products which I separately purchased from them.

As I have also mentioned previous review, I really like that the formula for their series of products also caters to our Singaporean skin, unlike mass produced overseas products. So its good effects, for some people, might be more apparent when we use it.
Since I've already reviewed the Brightening Revitalizer (used to be known as Skin Revitalizer before the name change), I will share about the Purifying Scrub ($42) instead.

This product is a rich exfoliating butter that deep cleanses the skin giving it a smooth and bright appearance. There are also various moisturising components in it, like jojoba oil, coconut oil, fruit oil, and of course, the main shea butter.

What I like about this product is that I realise while scrubbing, it also moisturizes the skin with natural oils, as mentioned above, which is mixed within the scrub. This gives the skin a brighter and very smooth and clean finish,

Directions of use
1. Take a little of the scrub and massage onto with fingertips for a minute.
2. Without washing it off, add a few drops (I use about 3 small pumps) of Brightening Revitalizer and massage it in very slightly. 
3. Then rinse off totally. 

Note: Use the Purifying Scrub once a week. The Brightening Revitalizer can also be used daily as part of skincare regime, after the application of Miracle C+, for best effect. View my review of the Miracle C+ and the Brightening Revitalizer here.

After usage of the scrub, when your face is clean and clear, what else is better than feeding your skin with additional nutrients which will help with the skin renewal process? This is pretty much the same as feeding your skin very well when it is best able to absorb even more after total deep cleanse!

The following pros and cons are with usage of both products in the same period.

- Easy to use
- Skin feels very clean and smooth after use (moisturised)
- Instant brightening effect
- Scrub is gentle on skin
- Hopefully their products can come in bigger packaging.
Their products can be purchased online at www.dermagold.sg or at Mint Medical Aesthetics.

Dermagold Singapore
Location: 23 Lorong Telok #01-01, Singapore 049035
Tel 6969 3022
Website: Link

This product review is by invitation.

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