Chick and Ken: Korean Fried Chicken and Artisanal Bingsu in Clarke Quay

Chick and Ken: Korean Fried Chicken and Artisanal Bingsu in Clarke Quay

A new Korean Fried Chicken store has popped up again! I was nearby and I chanced upon this newly opened eatery so I decided to give it a try. Tongue-in-cheek name made me laugh - Chick and Ken - ChicKen! Lol. Now, on to the food.

2 Flavours Fried Chicken ($15.90)
I chose the 8 pieces version, which gives you the option to choose 2 flavours from the 3 choices (YangNyeom, Ganjang and Salted Egg).

The 16 pieces version however, gives you the option to choose 4 flavours - but I wonder what's the 4th flavour gonna be when there's only 3 flavours available.
That aside, we went with the Ganjang and Salted Egg flavour. It was well divided in terms of chicken parts. For each flavour, they gave us 2 wings and 2 drumlets. I felt that the chicken portions were a little too small. Actually, so did my friend.
Anyway, I was looking forward to trying the salted egg chicken as I wondered how it would have tasted. Sinful, I'm sure! I was expecting a deep flavour of the salted egg coated chicken, but unfortunately, it was a little blander than expected.
Its flavours were not that rich, I'm guessing it's because of the addition of evaporated milk which somehow decreased the salted egg flavour. The chilli and curry leaves were a good addition for an additional oomph.

I was more surprised by the Ganjang Chicken - simply soy sauce, garlic and mirin.
I loved the overall taste for this and its flavours had captivated me more, without being overwhelming on the saltiness aspect. This is one flavour I would recommend if you visit.

Overall, the chicken meat was tender, but I felt that it had lacked the crunchiness that I usually experience with Korean fried chickens.

Artisanal Classic Injeolmi Bingsu ($12.90)
I do give this dish a thumbs-up for its presentation.
I feel that rice cakes taste nicer when they are softer. Unfortunately, I didn't like that the textures of the rice cakes here, which were inconsistent. Some were hard, some were softer. Also, there was only a thin layer of the powder on the small rice cakes, and the flavour didn't really appear.
The red beans were really nice though. I think there should be more condensed milk given. Maybe a larger syringe would do the trick nicely. Lol.
Overall, I did like this dish because the sweetness was well balanced (red bean paste, honeyed cornflakes were lovely) and the crunch level was addictive (crushed sliced almond flakes and cornflakes). The ice was very fine, and really very well done. The only gripe for me was the lack of taste of the peanut powder, which should be the signature taste for all Injeolmi-branded foods.

Also, I did kind of like the fried chicken here, and when I come back, I will still order the Ganjang Fried Chicken flavour.

Chick and Ken
Location: 21 Lorong Telok, Raffles Park, Singapore 049033
Website: Facebook

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