Arterial - A Chinatown Cafe with a must-try chocolate dessert

Arterial - A Chinatown Cafe with a must-try chocolate dessert

Walking around Chinatown is always a great thing. Singapore's Chinatown is always so vibrant and full of life and colour. And even just down the street near the Sri Mariamman Temple, lies a cool chillout cafe, Arterial Cafe.

Arterial greets you with its warm decor; baking bowls stuck as decoration on one wall and interesting graffitti on the other. The cafe isn't very big, but of the right chillout size and has about what seems like 10-15 tables of 4 pax.

After chilling out, I ordered their signature mocha cake with coffee glaze ($6.90). The classic mocha cake was made with their house espresso and lux valrhana chocolate. You know how some chocolate desserts tend to be too heavy? Not this one. While it still has its chocolaty flavour, it is not too overwhelming and is definitely worth a try.

I also ordered a latte. This latte not much different from the rest, but it was a rather smooth brew, much to my liking.
I should have ordered a nice tea, which would very much go well with my mocha cake for the perfect taste combination. They serve interesting tea flavours ($5 - $6) - from Minty Cool Lime, to Pear-fect Oolong (this I'm guessing contains the pear flavour), and Counting Sheep.

Counting Sheep? Sounds like I'm going to need this tea after lunch, so I don't fall asleep. :) Will be sure to try that the next time I drop by again.

It is easy to spot Arterial as it welcomes you with its red lining and black tinted glass exterior amongst old shophouses.

Arterial Cafe
Location: 24 Temple Street, Singapore 058569
Tel: (+65) 6222-8589

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