Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe

Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe

Here I am today at Aljunied, to taste Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe's dishes! Located in the neighbourhood, it is easy to spot them from a distance away with their signboard so huge. 

Some surroundings:


Organic Wheatgrass Drink ($3.50)
We were first served with the wheatgrass drink, which I totally did not regret having. Some wheatgrass drinks are very heavy in the plant taste, but not this one. It retains a good balance of wheatgrass and is not overwhelming. Lovely!

Dill Pattie (Cha Om) Omelette ($8)
Who doesn't love egg? My first Dill pattie omelette, the Dill plant gives the omelette a special flavour that I really enjoyed. It was light, but not overbearing on the senses. The plant, dill, is sometimes used as a herb in Asia. The owner had it imported from Thailand, so this is a must-try!

BBQ Pork Neck ($10)
Grilled using real charcoal, the flavour of the BBQ pork neck has been further enhanced, making it a joy to chew on.
Coupled with thai-styled sauce dip, the marriage emits the flavour of bliss and tenderness of a lovely relationship that will keep you wanting more. 

Sleeping Fish Set ($15)
Such a cute name for a heavy combination of vegetables and tender, fresh fish. The fish is known as the Pla Tu fish in Thailand, and it's actually a short-bodied mackerel. The fish is fried to perfection, and the fish meat is tender and delectable.
The dish is enjoyed here with raw vegetables, just mix all ingredients in the set, wrap it up in a huge cabbage piece and it's ready to be enjoyed!
Don't forget the chilli, which enhances the overall flavour of the raw vegetables!

Lala (Clams) Bee Hoon ($18)
If I have to use one word to wrap up this dish, I would use the word 'generous'. Indeed, they are very generous with their clams (lala). The clams are all well-cooked, you'd see the shells open nicely and the lightly gravied bee hoon will scream delicious in your mind once tasted. I'm not kidding. This is one of the best Lala bee hoon I've ever eaten as the portion is huge and evenly cooked, it is one true tasty dish you must not leave this restaurant without trying. 

Basil Mussels ($15)
The mussels are cooked and served in a lovely orange shade with subtle hints of the basil leaf.
The light tasting mussels are tender and doesn't have a fishy taste. Instead, you'll taste a lovely side of the ocean in this!

Hommok (Thai Style Otak) ($16)
One of my favourite dishes here, the Hommok a.k.a Thai Styled-Otak, will leave you wanting more. I don't know what is it about this restaurant that they are generous with all their servings. But it is good for us consumers. (haha!)
This dish looks and tastes so good that I can't help but take more photos of it. Vibrant delicacy!
 YUMMY! I will definitely come back for this.
The mashed otak is mixed in a special way with huge slices of coconut flesh, giving out hints of savoury goodness. 

Lemongrass Jelly with Aloe Vera Cubes & Calamansi ($2.50)
Refreshing's the word. The fragrant, yet light and sour hints from the lime make it a very nice dessert to have after a heavy meal. 

Tapioca in Coconut Milk ($3.50)
Served in warm Coconut milk, this lovely, filling dish will keep you wanting more of it though you might be full from the rest of the dishes.
The tapioca, as you might already know, is a low calorie but filling starch. Hence, you might wish you order this when you're in a group or just come here and have this at your whim and fancy whenever you have a craving for this dish. Definitely one of my must-try desserts here.

Looking for great Thai food with a twist and reasonable prices? Spicy Thai-Thai cafe should be in that list as it will be worth every dollar. 

Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe 
Location: Block 115 Aljunied Ave 2 Singapore 380115 
Tel: +65 6747 8558
Link: http://spicythaicafe.com/

This is an invited media tasting session.

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