NENE Chicken 네네치킨, Singapore

NENE Chicken 네네치킨, Singapore

With the opening of the new Eastpoint Mall just besides Simei MRT, I'm glad to see an influx of Korean food shops opening there as well! One of them was NENE Chicken (네네치킨, 싱가폴)! 
Yes, I'm here at one of Korea's favourite chicken store!

What is NENE Chicken about?
Ne Ne means “yes yes” in Korean, and that seemed to be the perfect name for Hyun’s new venture. Ne Ne also refers to the Asian philosophy of Flow, the principle that presides over consciousness, happiness, enjoyment of life and other positive aspects of being.
Featuring fresh chicken and a happy, positive lifestyle, Ne Ne Chicken instantly became one of the favorite chicken brands in Korea. “All natural ingredients with no artificial flavor, and fresh, wholesome tasting chicken,” that’s what Ne Ne delivers to customers.
The Eastpoint Mall branch didn't hold too many seats, but I was able to find a seat anyways because I went there about tea time :P

Okay, let's order! Go Go GO!
I already had NENE Chicken in Korea, and I felt I had to try it in Singapore too, to be fair. I'm glad I did!
We ordered the Crispy Classic ($22.90) to share, there were 3 of us but it was just nice for us! There were about 9 pieces of chicken and the set came with 2 honey mustard sauce, 1 coleslaw, 1 pickled radish. 

We ordered 2 large cokes ($3.30 for 1 large coke) to go with the set as well. I like how the packaging also extended to the cokes!
I love how plastic handgloves are provided for customers' convenience, so they don't make a mess of themselves eating the chicken. It is a little extravagant to Earth's resources though!

Can I just say that the fried chicken doesn't taste like it was fried from frozen chicken? FRESH! And the marinate was good, so the skin was really tasty. Thing about fried chicken is that, the best part is the chicken skin! So please, poor you if you're removing it. :( WASTED!

Best thing is that it doesn't have so many fats on it, 90% and above are all succulent chicken meat! Love it. 

Please also remember to eat with the mustard sauce dip, it is fantastic!

On top of that, we also ordered the buffalo sticks ($2.90, large). 
I love the buffalo sticks! They weren't fat like buffaloes lah, but they were stick thin, crispy and really easy to eat! Very addictive, just couldn't stop munching on them. 

And you know how just having normal sized fast-food fries can fill you up very very quickly, this one doesn't and still satisfies your fries cravings!
By the way, please remember to clear your own trays if you dine in. In Korea, it is a well-known fact to clear your own trays after dining in. Hope more people will adopt this habit!
Happy time with Cin from With Kids We Go
Yepp, she does look super happy with her chicken and plastic gloves.

Overall, I loved the meal for being crispy and reminding me of my lovely time in Korea. Best still, fried chicken that doesn't taste super oily and fattening? Count me in please!

Try it for yourself today! :)

NENE Chicken 네네치킨
Location: Eastpoint Mall, 3 Simei Street 6, #01-28, Singapore 528833
NENE Chicken Facebook

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