llao llao Singapore

llao llao Singapore

llaollao? lao lao? llaaao llaao?
I pronounced this the way all Singaporeans would have first pronounced this: Laao-Laao.

Wrong, I was told. The correct pronunciation is Yaao-Yaao. With more emphasis on pulling the 'a' sound.
That cranky name aside, I wanted to find out what the craze with llao llao is, after my disappointment with the craze on Honey Creme.

Before I just share my review, what is llao llao?

Source from llaollao's website says:
Llaollao is Frozen Yogurt. As it’s natural, it’s one of the healthiest and most recommended products in the world, thanks to the goodness in it and its high nutritional value.
It is made from skimmed milk at the moment of serving and combined with the finest toppings (from freshly-chopped seasonal fruits to cereals, fun crunchy toppings and delicious sauces), making it even more delicious and healthy.
I asked for recommendations and was told that Sanum is their top selling combination. Hence, I went for Sanum ($6.50) which consists of Frozen yogurt, 3 types of fresh fruit, 1 type of crunch and sauce: I chose the caramel drizzle, strawberry, blueberries, mango, and some crunch (I think it was caramelised biscuits)! (all recommended by her).
First spoonful. It was damn refreshing. Second spoonful, it's getting better. Third spoonful, Okay. The yogurt itself was really delicious!
But the toppings didn't wow me that much, the first time round. In fact, it was so-so.
I guess just like love, you need to make the right choices in order for you to find the perfect combination for you. In this case, find the right combination which llao llao will offer you, along with their lovely low-fat frozen yogurt.
I had llao llao twice. That's because people do make wrong choices sometimes, like listening to people telling you how to choose. And taking the recommendation of the very first llao llao girl who served me, I chose a combination which I didn't like.

Second time round, I was more certain of my taste and ordered on my own.
Choice: Mango, watermelon, strawberry and colourful crunch with Berry drizzle

It turned out to be awesome.   #ownchoiceFTW  Lol!

Hanging out with friends and llao llao makes it even better!

Either way, I've found my yogurt love at llao llao - my very own customised berry filled Sanum. Just see our happy faces and you'll know!

It was #LAFT (Love At First Taste)!

llao llao.
My 1st Sanum Location: Marina Link #B1-04 (Marina Square Shopping Mall), Singapore
My 2nd Sanum Location: Plaza Singapura #01-22A, 68 Orchard Road, Singapore

For more locations, check out their website.

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