JAAN French Dining at Swissotel the Stamford

JAAN French Dining at Swissotel the Stamford

Finally had a chance to visit the widely mentioned JAAN restaurant, which is located on level 70 of the Swissotel Singapore. 

The restaurant is really small, and it looks like they can only hold 40 or maybe slightly more customers. Hence, it is always recommended you make a reservation before your visit.

We ordered the $68 3 course lunch menu, which was specially crafted by JAAN’s Chef de Cuisine Julien Royer, as part of the artisanal menu in year 2015. 

First up, little snacks were served.

Wooden blocks held the delicate cereal tuiles, which apparently come from France and are custom made specially for JAAN. I loved its combination with Chef Julien's rendition of Hummus, which proved to be a lovely spread for the thin, crisp wafers. 

After the little warm-up starter snacks, we were served with the Amuse-bouche. Another lovely platter served on a black rock display plate, as pre-meal little bites to warm up the palate. 

One of my favourite snacks is Chef Julian's version of our local Kueh Pie Tee, filled with Kurobuta pork remoulade and grain mustard. Gone in a mouthful, but super yummy!
We were then made to choose our freshly baked bread, which was nicely served with a little pretty pyramid of hand churned Jean-yves bordier butter and some loose salt on the side.
For the appetiser, I had the Marbré of Foie Gras & Bresse Chicken (additional $10). 
 It was also served with a lovely black truffle brioche~ 
My friend had the beetroot collection - burrata 'artigiana', honeycomb and horseradish. A really lovely combination, you'll find yourself wanting a second helping!
For the main course, she had the Confit Rainbow Trout, which looks exactly like Salmon. But the dish was still a smooth eat, no doubt.
...while I had the Roasted Venison Saddle (additional $15). The meat was tender, with no blood leaking out while I eat. 
 ‘Mulled-wine’ pear, celeriac, sauce ‘poivrade’.
Finally, on to desserts!

I had the Chestnut 'Delice', a combination of speculoos (a type of shortbread), eglantine and tahiti vanilla.

My friend had the Pear Gourmandise - served with nougatine, shards of gingerbread, tonka bean ice cream and caramel! Cold and delicious.

For the petit fours, we wrapped it up with caneles bordelais, coconut marshmellows, mushroom macarons, and toffee & rosemary smoked lollipops!
 Can I just say that I love the lollipops? It was very very well done. 
 It was my first time eating mushroom macarons (what? mushroom?! Yes, mushroom). It wasn't overbearing and it was a lovely light hint of mushroom peeking out, and the flavours went well.
If you need visual feasting for your soul and a lovely experience overall, I recommend you to visit JAAN one day, it's best for special occasions and for days you want to pamper yourself, to eat and to be treated as royalty. There's just so many complex flavours in the set and it is a complete palate pleaser. :)

JAAN Restaurant at Swissotel the Stamford
Location: Level 70, Equinox Complex, Swissôtel The Stamford, 2 Stamford Road, Singapore 178882
Tel: +65 6837 3322 
Email: reservations@equinoxcomplex.com

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