FATCAT Ice Cream Bar

FATCAT Ice Cream Bar

For the first cafe post of the year 2015, I'm going to also introduce a east side cafe which opened on 1 January 2015 too! Named FATCAT Ice Cream Bar, it is located near Bedok central, under a block of HDB flats (lucky for those staying there!)
I went there on their opening day and there were already a good flow of people checking the place out. 


Small place, with few seats. But love the sunlight shining in at all times!

First up:
Cafe latte ($4). Served in a mid-sized glass, the latte is a smooth and pleasant drink. 

Pre-dessert came next. Carbonated strawberry and an amuse-gueule. I didn't ask what it was, but it was crunchy alright. Only served with the Strawberry Cheesecake plated dessert order, I believe. The presentation of their desserts are very delicate and pretty.  

After the pre-dessert, the main one was served shortly. I almost could not bear to eat my strawberry cheesecake ($15), looking like that. A lovely plated surprise from the pâtissier!
Served as a raspberry sorbet on a shortbread crumble and cream mousse, with mint leaves as garnish. Other than just looking fancy, it was really a light and lovely eat. Not for the heavy eaters, this plated dessert is a joy to have, even after a super heavy meal. :)
Note: Plated desserts are subject to seasonal availability only, and limited servings are made everyday!

Finally, the waffles. Who can resist an east-meets-west type of waffle, especially when salted eggs are involved? Behold, the Salted Egg Charcoal Waffles ($6)! This can be found under their gourmet waffle menu. 
I also added the ice-cream topping (add $4.50). Ice cream toppings cost extra, but yes, waffles taste best with ice-cream! What more, when Fatcat is an ice-cream bar, right? So I just can't walk away without trying their ice-cream! 

I had one of their recommendations: the butterbeer ice-cream. It was amazing! The butterbeer ice cream had light hints of sizzling beer in it and it was an utmost refreshing change from the typical flavours.

A small serving of salted egg is served separately, for your enjoyment. Consistency seems to be a little thick, and I felt the salted egg taste could have been slightly richer. 
This waffle was served slightly warm, and it was very crispy! The waffles also had small lavender flowers sprinkled on them. Eat all together for maximum enjoyment: A chunk of waffle + a little blob of ice-cream + a dip of salted egg and a dash of caramel drizzle. :)
Overall, the desserts I ordered had not disappointed me. It was a lovely experience and I shall be back to chill out and to satisfy my dessert cravings again soon!

Location: 416 Bedok North Avenue 2 #01-25 Singapore 460416

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