Cedele Bakery Cafe: Healthy Eating, Delicious Eating

Cedele Bakery Cafe: Healthy Eating, Delicious Eating

Last week, I visited Cedele Bakery Cafe for lunch after receiving a tasting invitation from Cedele Group. I've always loved their dishes, so I was really happy!

Here's some background:

Ms Yeap Cheng Guat, the founder of Cedele, has championed her vision for traditional artisanal baking since 1997 when she launched the Bakery Depot, an independent, artisan bakery. Since then Cedele continues to produce freshly made, wholesome breads using the finest quality ingredients, unrefined sugar and traditional, time-honoured techniques.

The MBFC branch caters mostly to the working lunch crowd, so you'll see this place fill up very quickly (note: very) once it hits 12pm. So if you're planning to visit for lunch, remember to come here early!

Gourmet Sandwiches: Slow-cooked Tender Pulled Pork ($8.50) and Roasted Chicken Avocado ($9.50)
I highly recommend you try the slow-cooked tender pulled pork if you come for lunch. Served with avocado, peperonata, mayo, lettuce and tomato, it is a filling and wholesome meal!
 The pulled pork is very flavourful and I wanted to order another serving of pulled pork because I was quite addicted to the taste (I am quite the meat lover.)
The Roasted Chicken Avocado is another wholesome sandwich I would recommend. It tastes very healthy and the fillings are generous. 
Still delicious, but if you ask me to compare this with the pulled pork sandwich, I would still go with the pulled pork because it was more flavourful and somewhat healthier tasting than the roasted chicken version.

Hearty Soup: Home-style Beef Stew ($8.80)
I love how their soups are so wholesome, generous with the ingredients and yet so healthy. Feel free to indulge in their soups as they are either Dairy Free, gluten free or don't include cream.
The beef stew is one good example which doesn't include any cream, yet tastes so flavourful! With their hearty soups, you can also help yourself to the free flow bread at the bread station.
Add some balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and you're all set for an awesome meal!

Carrot Walnut Cake ($6.50 per slice, $48 for whole cake)
They seriously put a generous amount of walnuts around the cake, and the cake is very fluffy.
One of their signature cakes, this cake is moist, flavourful and their cream cheese frosting makes it a must-try if you visit.

Red Velvet Cake ($6.50 per slice, $48 for whole cake)
The soft and moist cake is reddened with natural red vegetable juice, with hints of chocolate in it.
I loved the fluffy cake and the 'healthier' tasting version of their light vanilla cream which does not taste too sweet. I liked that the cake was made with organic, unrefined sugar. Girls, this is the dessert to choose here!

Strawberry Tartlet ($4.50)
The strawberry tartlet is pretty, but there's nothing much to shout about this dessert, unfortunately. While a pleasant eat, I would recommend the cakes if you would like something more special.

Latte ($5.50), Cappucino ($5.50)
They serve decent coffee, nothing much to shout about, but is overall a smooth drink.

Cedele Bakery Cafe (MBFC Branch)
Location: MBFC Tower 3, 12 Marina Boulevard #01-07, Singapore 018982
Tel: 6443-8553
Operating Hours: 7.30am to 8pm (Mon-Fri)

For other locations, please view here.

This is an invited tasting session.

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