Binggojung Korean Dessert

Binggojung Korean Dessert

Craving for Bingsu / Bingsoo (빙수) in Singapore? Head over to Binggo Korean Dessert Cafe to ease your cravings!

Hidden inconspicuously under a 24-hr fitness and recreational gym, G.Spa, it is located next to Ju Shin Jung, one of Singapore's longest BBQ restaurants.

Now, what is Bingsoo?
Bingsu or bingsoo is a very popular and elaborate snack/dessert in Korea, especially during the summer season. - Wikimedia
Korean food lovers will know this must-have dessert in the Summer season. It is so loved by Koreans that they will have it even in Winter! Well, lucky for us, it is 'Summer' here all the time. So, no reason not to have it, right?
Greeted by a lovely-snowflakes-falling-into-bowl design logo right outside the small cafe.


It's a small place with a few seats, but customers can choose to sit outside the cafe.
 Time to order!
There are many bingsoo flavours available. 

They have Oreo Bingsoo (loved by tons of Singaporeans, most will automatically choose this when given a choice), lemon bingsoo, cheescake bingsoo, green tea bingsoo, so on and so forth. 

Most bingsoo orders range about $10 and above per bowl. But I will recommend this, the Injeolmi Bingsoo 인절미 빙수 ($10). This fantastic bingsoo really tops the bingsoo charts with its nutty flavour.  
Injeolmi bingsoo goes back to the most traditional times, and is how people in olden Korea used to enjoy their bingsoo.
The shaved ice was fine and easy to eat, each mouthful was filled with cold, sweetness that will make your day. Topped with soya bean powder, it gives a sweet and nutty flavour which goes well with the ice. 
Tteok 떡, also known as the Korean rice cakes, were also apparent in the dish as it was served in thick pieces buried under the fine ice. It was chewy and added a balanced texture to the dish. Almond flakes were also part of the equation, but I would have liked it to be more crunchy as it tasted kind of soft by then.
Injeolmi actually refers to a type of rice cake, which is made to be chewy, easily digestible and nutritious. That's another reason to order this, huh? haha!
The dish was also served with condensed milk, also known to the Koreans as yeonyoo (#연유, a.k.a Syrup), which is also a must-have with this dessert.

I heard that there is actually a proper way to enjoy your Injeolmi bingsoo, and this is how it goes:
1. Mix your bingsoo around with the ice showing up a little.
2. Drizzle portion of the yeonyoo / condensed milk syrup
3. Mix it slightly.
4. Throw some ice and rice cakes into the leftover syrup and eat together for extra enjoyment as and when needed.
Of course, if you'll like to cut to the chase, just attack it hard and fast like I did. It'll still be the same kind of delicious. :)
I also had a Mocha latte, but felt it was too thick and sweet for me. Here, I will just focus on the bingsoo, which I will definitely come back for!

Binggojung Cafe (directly under G.Spa)

Location: 102 Guillemard road #01-01 Singapore 399719
Website: Binggojung Cafe Facebook

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