SYNC Korean Tapas Bar (동기화)

SYNC Korean Tapas Bar (동기화)

After launching their first Korean bistro outlet at Westgate in October, SYNC has rode on the wave to open their second outlet in Maju Avenue. When a twist is put on a traditional dish, results can go both ways. SYNC managed to pull it off, thanks to the saving desserts and lovely drinks. 
The owners of SYNC, Brian Seow and Lisa Tan, are avid Korean cuisine lovers and the concept for the store is borne out of the inspirations they got during their frequent travels to the country.

The baby of both Consultant Chef Edwin Lau and Head Chef Calista Ong, the Korean-inspired tapas menu gave rise to the first ever Korean Tapas Bar in Singapore.

 One of my favourite decorations here.

Crackling 해물과자 - Umami cod chips

A crowd favourite! We could not stop snacking on these chips even after we're so full from the meal. An oily gloss coated over the chips, it is best to have it with beer!

Dak-Kangjung 닭강정 - Deep-fried sweet & spicy chicken bites, ricotta and chilli tempura. 

I liked it on its own without the dipping of mayonnaise. Deep fried and slightly spicy, this is an interesting side to have with your alcoholic drinks.

Samgyupsal 삼겹살 - Char-grilled pork belly with scallion salad and chilli yuzu dressing
This salad is light, yet flavourful, with a good mix of fat from the samgyupsal. Lovely.

Dak Gar-bi 닭갈비 빠에야 - Spicy Chicken paella with onions, mushroom, cabbage, sausage, kimchi

One of the best dishes in the house, this is a must try, with the lovely combination of favourites like sausage, kimchi and mushroom!

Sogogi Jowl (소고기 깻잎쌈)  
Bite-sized meats with the perilla leaves. Chewy and tender with a strong hint of flavour from the perilla leaves.

Misugaru 미숫가루 - Misugaru lava cake, vanilla ice-cream, strawberries & lime compote

This dish is lovely, and is best recommended to those who loves wheaty taste. Though wheaty, but it is not overwhelming at all!

Hotteok 호떡 - Pan-fried chewy sweet korean pancake with banana foster (add $1.50 for vanilla ice-cream)
I love their desserts here. This fusion dessert is so cold yet so warm and the combination of the ice-cream with hotteok and banana is nice when taken in all together.

Soju Peach Shot ($7.90) - Peach and Soju and a hint of lime. My absolute favourite, and one of the recommended drinks for Soju lovers.

Soju Mojito ($9.90)
Soju with mint leaves! I loved this drink. So refreshing and addictive.

Tapas go from 9.90 to 10.90, main courses start from 25 and some dishes are best shared in a group. Desserts are $8.90 each. Kids are not excluded, their meals go for $9.90 a serving.

SYNC Korean Tapas Bar opens from 3pm to 12am daily. 

SYNC Korean Tapas Bar (동기화)
Location: 12 Maju Avenue, Serangoon Garden Estate
Tel: +65 62820612
Link: www.facebook.com/syncbistro
Instagram hashtag: #synctapas

This is an invited media tasting session.

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