Ronin Cafe Singapore

Ronin Cafe Singapore

For a lazy Saturday morning, I visited Ronin Cafe with my friend at Hongkong Street in Clarke Quay. Ronin Cafe is a hipster indie cafe with simple but warm and comfortable style.


This is the tinted doorway to fantastic drinks! I almost missed it as there wasn't any signboard.
Their logo hangs inconspicuously.
Cafe's lightings are dark and comfortable, with yellow lights shining on wooden tables. One gripe is that they do have uncomfortable chairs which make you feel like you're sinking down into the seat. But I got used to it pretty quickly.
Nice stool seats for 2-3 people lining the corner of the cafe. These seats are more comfortable than those at the proper tables.
Warning: It gets really crowded from 11.15am onwards. When I got there, the wait staff shared that the cafe was only open from 10.30am. 
The wait staff shared that their signature food items included the Brioche French Toast, Scrambled Eggs on Toast, 'Big in Japan' Curry Rice and Dirty Ronin Sandwich. All are substantial servings. Unfortunately, we weren't able to try the Curry Rice as it was not available at that time.

Instead, we went with the Brioche French Toast ($14.50) and Scrambled Eggs on Toast ($9). (I LOVE breakfast. :))
For my scrambled eggs on toast, I added the portobello mushroom (add $3.50) and the Pork sausage (add $4.50). It was a very satisfying breakfast. But the bread was somewhat not toasted well enough.

My friend went with the Brioche French Toast which contained braised apple, bacon, hazelnut butter and syrup. Does it sound very sweet?
It is. My friend said it was too sweet, but the salty bacon made it better as it balanced the sweetness better. But overall, the toast was nice and fluffy. This dish is very good for those with a sweet tooth, but I do have to warn that this dish is really sinful!

For the drinks, we took their signature Matcha-Tone (Green Tea latte, $5.50 - image below) and Wicked (Minted Mocha, $5.50).
I had my Wicked to-go. Although I'm a green tea latte lover, but to be frank, I did prefer their Wicked over their Matcha-Tone! While the Matcha-Tone was not too sweet (which was just great for me), the mint infused mocha (image below) had been so refreshing and delicious that I might have just branded it as one of my favourite drinks!
The drinks were smooth and I did enjoy it very much. This was the point-scorer for me in this cafe. I highly recommend the drink, it was really wicked!

(Haha, geddit? Geddit? Wicked is wicked!... ok, sorry.) :P

Ronin Cafe Singapore
Location: 17 Hong Kong Street, Singapore 059660
Directions: Take the train to Clarke Quay MRT Station, Exit E. Cross the overhead bridge and head towards the direction of Hong Lim Park. Look out for Hongkong Street Signage and turn left. Walk straight down. You will see Fragrance Hotel and City Backpackers Inn. The cafe is right beside City Backpackers Inn.

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