Stirling Singapore, Bar & Grill

Stirling Singapore, Bar & Grill

Over at the stretch of restaurants that ply along Cheong Chin Nam road in Bukit Timah, lies a well decorated restrobar, which specialises in steaks.
This place would be a nice dating location as it felt private and there weren't too many indoor seats which could make the location to noisy to get to know your friend or dating partner, perhaps? :)

Let me bring you through the surroundings!

Indoor Decor:
 I have picked my favourite corner to chillax!

A well-decorated outdoor area:

Mojito ($14) and my friend, Dodo bird's drink: Lime Soda ($3) 
*Laughs at her for ordering a kid's drink*
The mojito tasted slightly thin, I would have preferred it to be thicker.  

First up: the appetiser - prawn cocktail ($13)
A light start to the palate, we had the blanched fresh prawns sitting in a cocktail glass with some vegetable garnish and a slice of lemon.

I would suggest you eat it with the lemon zest for an extra punch, and remember to dip it into the cocktail sauce that came together with the glass. Cheers to seafood! 
For the mains, we had the Delicieux Duck Breast ($25). With a light truffle mushroom cream drizzled on top of the tender, pan seared duck meat, things took a delightful turn on the tastebuds!  
Check out the tender within!
I also liked the oven baked baby potatoes, as it was made to perfection, with a slight crisp side on the edges. 
We also ordered the specialty dish of Stirling: its steaks.

I had the Ribeye Charcoal Grilled Steaks. There are 2 types of cuts - the Gentleman's cut (300g, $38) and the Lady's cut (200g, $29). 

I, of course, took the lady's cut, done medium rare. :) While the waiting time for this dish took a while, as its ingredients were freshly prepared. 

The signature main was served with the signature steak, with a knob of avocado butter, truffle fries and sauteed mixed vegetables. The portion was just nice and while the dish presentation did not amaze me, the taste of the steak did manage to exceed my expectations! 

The doneness of the steak and tenderness of the meat can be a test of the chef's skills, and Stirling's chef passed it with flying colours. 

Of course he would, because their chef, Chef Collin, had trained under one of the best chefs in a Michelin One Star restaurant, under the Les Amis Group, before he joined Stirling!
For Stirling's steak, I'm very glad that the meat was done to perfection, just the way I wanted it. 

These were so addictive! The salted truffle fries were super nice, and they did not go truffle-overboard. It was done nicely, and it was crispy and fresh out of the frying pan, with a lovely hint of truffle. 
With that, it was finally dessert time!

I have just two words to summarise the desserts: Simply delicious!

To be honest, I'm more of a berry person than a chocolate person. This Mixed Berry Crepe ($9), was a really nice finish to a heavy meal, as the mixed berries puree had helped refresh my palate for the night. The puree is made with strawberries, raspberries and blue berries! Talk about having a berry overload.
The crepes were also well done, and it was a delight to have together with the puree and vanilla ice cream.
For the dessert champion, we had the Muddy Mud Pie ($8)! When this dessert was served, Dodo bird and my reaction were like, "OMGosh?!" 

This dessert will kick you into Oreo chocolate sensory overdrive as it is packed with thick layers of vanilla ice cream, marshmallows, chocolate sauce and oreo cookies, and finally topped with strawberries!
I kid you not, within the layers of this Mud Pie madness, there's 2-3 whole Oreo cookies layered in it! 

It was so sinful but really chocolately delicious! Dodo bird could not stop munching on this. 

*Have to stop eating this! Never mind, maybe a little later.*

We had enjoyed the entire experience and found the dishes to be worthy of its price tag. 

Here, would like to give thanks to Elwyn for the invitation to Stirling, and Chef Collin, for the lovely meal.

This is an invited media tasting session. 

Stirling Singapore

Location: 15 Cheong Chin Nam Road, Singapore 599739
Website: Link

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