Ricciotti Pizza Pasta and Grill (The Riverwalk)

Ricciotti Pizza Pasta and Grill (The Riverwalk)

Ricciotti is celebrating their 10th year anniversary this year, and I hear their menu is better than ever!


I was there a couple of days back, to enjoy a lovely dinner, on invitation for a food tasting session.

The 10 year restaurant was opened along the lovely Riverwalk in October 2004 and they have since expanded. They provide authentic and affordable Italian gourmet food in 3 locations, namely their main branch in Riverwalk, and 2 other branches in China Square Central and The Star Vista.

I love the huge deco painting here, which was done by an Italian artist!

FYI - they also have a private room available - sits up to 10! :)

First up!

Cioppino soup, $25
One of my top recommendations in this place. The soup, stewed with mixed seafood and garlic crostini, is one seafood flavour burst in your mouth.

This soup is usually cooked in homes across the south of Italy and served with bread as how they eat it in their homeland. Seafood tastes fresh and this homely dish does bring comfort to hungry tummies and is the making factor of the start of a great meal. Serves 2-3 people!

Carpaccio Di Polpo, $18
The main ingredient, octopus, is flown in from Spain!  Be sure to squeeze some lemon juice on it before indulging!
The citrusy taste with the octopus goes well together and stands for an interesting touch to the octopus meat. Made with sliced octopus, lemon and fennel, with little cherry tomatoes :) 

Eggplant Parmigiana, $15
Who loves eggplant! A.K.A. Brinjal, my friends. I know I do!! Made in lasagna style, this baked delicacy is a must-try. It's a layer after layer goodness with melted cheese and served with focaccia bread. Eat them together for best results. :D 

Nizzarda Salad, $19
The concoction consists of Mesclun, fresh tuna loin, quail eggs, green beans, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, anchovies and sherry dressing. 
This makes for a great sharing starter, to whip up your appetite! I also loved how the quail eggs are made to perfection.

Risotto Ai Frutti Di Mare, $28
This restaurant is a seafood paradise. Its seafood ingredients all taste so good. And what more, with the Arborio rice, which gives all risottos its creamy consistency! 

Orecchiette Brocolli E Acciughe, $20
This dish, famous among all vegetarians, earns its stripes from the well flavoured, substantial pasta servings. Its brocolli is also very tasty, and I couldn't help but kept snacking on this easy to eat, vegan favourite!

Porcini E Scamorza Pizza (9'' - $16 , 12'' - $24)
Anybody up for some cow's milk cheese pizza? Cheese lovers will like this pizza as it's topped with Porcini mushrooms, further enhancing the taste of the cheese used in this pizza delight. 
The crust is not very thick, and focus goes to the ingredients, which they have also added favourites like sausages and thin chicken slices. The combination of the toppings make this a fulfilling dish to have. :)

Al Tartufo Pizza  (9'' - $20 , 12'' - $28)
Whiffs of black truffle are evident from a distance. We knew this was coming up. Made with black truffles, quail eggs (broken within the pizza) and mushrooms, this sinful but incredibly tasty pizza made it as the talk of the night.
The combination of the black truffles, melted cheese and various ingredients made it very hard to resist taking 2 slices. Definitely one of my top choices here!

Grilled Seabass, $28
Here, you have your meat, your carbs and your veggies. A good way to end your night, for the healthier eaters. How do you make potatoes tasty? I have no idea how they did it. It was very addictive! The fish, topped with some interesting creation of tomato delight, provided nice touches to the already tender flesh of the seabass! The well made baby spinach salad didn't lose to its companions too. It kept the dish from being too oily and gave a nice clean finish to the meal. 

Pollo Alla Milanese, $22
Chicken lovers, healthy eaters, this is a dish for you. The main point of this dish is the breaded chicken, which does not taste oily, and certainly used lean parts of the chicken to create. With their lovely potatoes and tomato salad, this dish marries the tomatoes and the chicken very well when eaten together. Don't forget to squeeze the lemon juice on the chicken for the extra citrus burst!

Nutella sweet pizza, $14
Listen up, Nutella lovers. No more licking your finger from the bottle. They've made it such that you can enjoy it as a pizza! Smeared with chockful of Nutella and topped with chopped hazelnuts, it's really a chocolately, lovely dessert.
 Look how thin the crust is! SKILL!

Panna cotta, $6
If I could, I would order a second helping of this light, delectable dessert. For people who don't want their desserts too sweet, this is a great choice. The silky vanilla cream pudding wriggles as I scoop it up on a spoon and topped it with their seasonal fruit sauce! The sauce was not that sweet, but I felt it was just nice. *PLAIN DELIGHT* 

Tiramisu, $10
A classic italian recipe. Made with mascarpone cream, a type of Italian cheese and espresso, it provided a nice finish to the night. 

I loved all the food, thanks to Executive Chef Gero Dimaria, who was in charge of all the lovely delicious dishes! 

... and finally, Chef Akram, the man behind the lovely tasteful pizzas.

 Just look at him slice up the pizza, ready for enjoyment! :D  #happytummy

We loved our food and the pizzas! 

Also, thanks to OpenRice Singapore and Ricciotti Pizza Pasta Grill for the fun food tasting invitation!

This is an invited media tasting session. 

Ricciotti Pizza, Pasta and Deli (The Riverwalk)

Location:  #B1-49/50, The Riverwalk, 20 Upper Circular Road 

Directions: Take the MRT to Clarke Quay (Purple Line/North East Line, NE5). Go to Exit F, and exit the station. Turn left and you'll see an escalator that leads up to a overhead bridge that takes you across the road. Once you reach the other side of the bridge, you will see Song Fa Bak Kut Teh. Continue walking and you'll see a sign: Upper Circular Road. Then cross the road and turn to your right. Walk all the way down till you see this. Go into the building and cut through it. When you exit, you'll see the Riverwalk. Turn right and walk all the way down for about 1 minute. Riociotti is on your right. :)

China Square Central Branch Location: 3, Pickering Street, #01-36/37 Nankin Row, China Square Central, Singapore 048660

The Star Vista Branch Location: 1, Vista Exchange Green, #01-33 # 01-K2, The Star Vista, Singapore 138617 (Kitchen is closed from Mon to Thurs from 3pm to 6pm)

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