I'm Kim Korean BBQ

I'm Kim Korean BBQ

Over the weekend, my pretty friend Seul and I went to check out I'm Kim Korean BBQ near SOTA. Thinking that the crowd may have calmed down a little since its opening in September 2014, we had thought wrong. When we went there during dinner time, it was a full house (most were reservations!) and we waited for about 15 minutes for a table. We were really lucky! 

This is definitely a place for fun and gatherings, friends should totally come here together! I had such a good time overall. :)

Here's a shot of everyone busy enjoying their food, hee~

 Took this shot upon their closing time!
The place boasts large seating capacity and we settled down very comfortably. We met the owner's wife, Mrs Kim and she was very friendly. 

I'm Kim BBQ has a pretty substantial amount of food offerings. This includes the favourite meat types - like Samgyupsal 삼 겹살, Moksal 목살 (neck meat/ pork chop), Bulgogi 불고기 and more. I'm surprised that they offered bacon as well, because it is not typical of Korean BBQ buffets to offer that. In S.Korea, they also do not offer sausages and seafood. But well, we are in Singapore and it is important for them to cater to local tastebuds, hence - it's a job well done on their end! :)

It is not difficult to find our food as it is neatly placed in one entire line. The staff were also quick to replenish almost-depleting food items, and I thought that was good.
I was also very surprised to see that they offered quite a few types of soup! Some include: Samgyetang 삼계탕, Seaweed soup 미역국 and even Kimchi Jjigae 김치찌개!

Here's a pic of their seaweed soup - with alot of seaweed! *Love*

Unfortunately, though it was comforting to my stomach, I did not really enjoy the Samgyetang as the taste of ginseng was not apparent at all, it tasted like I was just drinking chicken soup.

Time to cook!

Using a electric grill for the BBQ, it is best to start with the fatty pork first before moving on to their signatures - like the 'Volcano' chicken (super spicy!), Irresistable Chicken and 'The Bomb'. 

The 'Volcano' chicken (second pic above) was really pretty spicy, and Seul shared that in S.Korea, the level of spicy's even higher. Well, I'm a mild 'spicy' eater. Hee!
 Ready to eat! 
Some people like their meat really chaota - a.k.a burnt. Some like it just done with some brown parts on the meat. I'm the latter. No chaota meat for me, please!

Let's have some Ssam ~ First, place the meat on some Sangju or Lettuce (양상추). Add in the meat, then the various ingredients! Here's Seul's recommendation: Sliced green peppers, their special sliced onions, some Enoki mushrooms and their chilli sauce! 

Wrap it up and enjoy!~

They also have a salad and sauces counter, where we could also choose fruits like watermelon. The watermelon was really sweet and nice!
Before we left, we ended the meal with ice cream - Melon flavoured ice cream and Soda ice freeze! It was a good way to end an oily meal of course, with a refreshing taste in your mouth! 

I'm Kim Korean BBQ 

Location: 1 Zubir Said Drive, School of the Arts (SOTA), #01-04/05/06/07, Singapore 227968

Website: Link

My Ratings (the higher the score, the better it is!)
Food: 4 / 5
Ambience: 3.8 / 5 
Bang for your buck (Value): 4.2 / 5
Service: 3.8 / 5

Here's some selfie time! After gorging on so much meat, my face looks more bloated than usual. HAHAHA~ but overall, I did have a great time with Seul at the restaurant and will surely be going back again! :D

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