Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion by Neutrogena

Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion by Neutrogena

Let's talk serious now. Who has got that hard to remove mascara/ eye liners, which can't be removed even with the best of cleansing oils? Some eye liners are so painfully powerful that it even sticks on your skin after using cleansers / cleaning oils?

Do you scrub it off each time in frustration? There's is no need to do that now! I was quite hesitant to get this when a friend shared this product with me, because I was thinking how good can a product with this price tag be. But boy, I was wrong! 

Now, it's my turn to introduce you to Neutrogena's Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion ($12.90), which is such a miracle worker for such stubborn waterproof eye liners and mascaras!

I did a test on this using one of my stubborn eye liners:
Smeared some of the Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion:
Massage it in slightly in a clockwise motion - lightly!
Wiped away the dirtied lotion... TA-DAH! 
Not sure why my skin is slightly reddish here. :( 

It's so clean! Also, with an affordable price tag, the quality and price is something that even some huge beauty brands can't beat! This product is sold Guardian and Watsons, and also some supermarkets.

Thank you Neutrogena! 

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