Chuan Guo Yan Yi 川国演义

Chuan Guo Yan Yi 川国演义

A friend recently brought me to a Szechuan eatery, tucked away in quiet Sultan Gate road, called Chuan Guo Yan Yi 川国演义. Yes, you're right! It is named in close connection to a popular historical novel, Romance of the 3 Kingdoms (三国演义).

First up, she ordered their Water Chestnut drink, 马蹄露 ($4).
 This Chestnut drink is special, in the sense that they actually put in carrots, corn and sticks of bamboo shoots. That's right! The taste of the water chestnut drink has also absorbed the flavours of the carrots and corn, and made it really a tasty drink.

We had the Pan fried pork 家乡小炒肉 (9.80) next, which is a really tasty addition to the table. It's not that I don't like the taste, but I will not be raving about it as it is pretty average to me.
Stir Fried French Bean 干煽四季豆 (8.80) was done nicely, and the french beans were crunchy and addictive to munch on! I loved this dish. It was quite spicy as it was fried with chilli padi.
Now... who wants some frog? Chuan Guo Yan Yi serves up a spicy, smooth stew - the Bullfrog Sour Soup 酸汤田鸡 (26.80), which really whips up an appetite! This dish is really the highlight of the hot hot night.
Can you see the amount of chilli in there? Let me just take a small scoop for you to see.
 Frog leg, stewed with red and green chilli! Very peppery and spicy.
For those who can't really take peppery or too spicy foods, you can ask them to ease up with the chilli, before ordering this dish.

The frog legs were cooked really well, meat was tender! This is their signature sour soup, and I do recommend it. It will work up a storm in your stomach later on. :S
There are also some enoki mushrooms in there.

Ta-dah! Our dishes for the night:

I would recommend a bowl of rice 米饭 to go with the about spicy dishes, which is about $0.80 a bowl. :)

Eatery shots:

Chuan Guo Yan Yi 川国演义 
Address: 29 / 31 Sultan Gate Singapore 198477 (In the middle of Lavender / Bugis)

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