88 Colour Palette Tropical Matte Eyeshadow by BH Cosmetics

88 Colour Palette Tropical Matte Eyeshadow by BH Cosmetics

I did some online shopping recently, and chanced upon this product, 88 Colour Palette Tropical Matte Eyeshadow, from BH Cosmetics! Since it was on sale, I bought it and had it shipping from USA to Singapore. It was quite affordable, and even with the shipping, I had paid less than $20 for this product. :)

Here's the palette! The colours really look pretty!

Product tested!

Can you all see the colour? I had to add in some of my shimmer blue eye liner, if not, the effect might not be that obvious.

I did not really like using this product as I felt that the pigments did not stick on my eyelids very well and I had to keep reapplying for the colour to appear. Also, another of my dislikes for this product is that when I dab my brush onto it lightly, the powder from the eyeshadows falling out, alot! :( It was pretty messy.

Other than that, I do like the colours and the value for the product, even with shipping, was considered quite affordable and cheap. This is definitely a product for people who like experimenting with various colours for various effects.

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