The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick

I was at The Body Shop just the other day, and I was on a shopping craze to buy some stuff for the bathroom. And here it is, the makeup corner. Honestly, I don't really notice the cosmetics when I usually enter the shop. But boy, was I excited when I got to see their Colour Crush Lipsticks!
The Body Shop - Colour Crush Lipsticks on display
The lipsticks go for $22.90 and feel light and moisturing to the lips. However, I must say that the colour drops easy. After  washing it the first time with just plain water, about 95% of the applied lipstick colour were already gone. For me, I'm always on the go to find something long lasting (because honestly, which busy woman has so much time to reapply their lipstick colours throughout the day at work?!)

- Lipstick application was smooth
- Lips felt moist after application
- Nice range of colours available
- Colour comes off too easily
- Not super affordable for its quality.
A quick summary - so this product did not work out for me that well, simply for the negative reason stated above. However, I must say that I do applaud the colours in this series. It was really lovely and their colour range is good for any skin tones. Here's the colour swatch!

Colour Crush Lipstick Colour Swatch
Product number is beside the lipstick icon. :)

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