Laneige Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist

Laneige Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist

Yesterday, I wrote a congratulatory post to wish one of my favourite Korean skincare brand, Laneige, a happy 20th birthday.
Today, I thought I'd continue by sharing a little about this product from them, which I have been using for the past 2 years (and ongoing!).
Yes, it's the Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist (워터뱅크 미네랄 미스트)!
If you're someone who hangs out with me often, you would have seen me carry one of these in my bags or rather, in my office. Once I started, I hadn't stopped using this product on a daily basis.
One of my favourite moisturising mists of all time, the Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist never disappoints my parched skin anytime of the day.

Spray Nozzle
As a permanent feature in my skincare regime, it plays an important part as it helps me sets my makeup for the entire day. My skin is combination skin, so my cheeks area can really seem rough and dry sometimes. Just to show you its spray power, I took the following shot and just imagine that on your dehydrated skin! Just wonderful.

Just look at that spray power!
How I use this product:
Day: Before applying makeup, I will spray a little of this all over my face to prep it first. After makeup, I will spray a little more of this on my entire face to 'set' the look. I like using mists to 'set' my look because I feel that makeup makes my skin dehydrated and to make it look more natural, I find that this works best for me.
Afternoon: Anytime I feel my skin is dry, I will spray this on my cheeks. It also refreshes my tired skin, and personally I feel refreshed when I use this product on my face (to help prevent me from falling asleep! :P)
I took this photo after I used this product to 'set' my makeup. I promise, I did not photoshop my skin texture!
It is as it is. With Laneige and sunlight.  :)

I love this product!

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