Laneige Time Freeze Eye Serum and Intensive Cream

Laneige Time Freeze Eye Serum and Intensive Cream

This afternoon, I was walking around a shopping mall and near a Laneige 라네즈 counter where I saw them putting out 2 new additions to their Wrinkle Care Time Freeze 타임 프리즈 Series: The Time Freeze Eye Serum and the Time Freeze Intensive Cream.
Intensive Cream (Left), Eye Serum (Right)
I was wondering what the difference between an eye serum and eye cream was, and the counter lady shared that the eye serum was a good addition on top of your usual eye creams as it had reparative functions. For people who have serious fine lines, it is recommended that they use the eye serum, which will help reduce aging of skin around the eyes, plus an additional eye cream.
The Eye Serum.
However, if you don't have much fine lines around your eye area and your main function is simply to keep away fine lines, then just using the eye serum would do fine. I managed to get a set of samples from the counter, but for sure, I will be getting the Time Freeze Eye Serum!
Because it is really really light and has a high level of absorption rate. Less than a second (or two) within applying the serum, it was totally absorbed into my skin and it didn't feel like I had applied anything at all. Its texture is gel-like and it smells good.
As for the intensive cream, it is really recommended for ladies who are above, say, 30 years of age? When I first applied it on my skin, I felt it was a little thick, but it was absorbed into the skin pretty quickly, despite being an anti-aging cream (usually the ones I tried are much thicker and harder to absorb!)
This is a full-on anti-aging cream which makes the skin good to touch after application. The function of this cream is to maintain elasticity and helps to increase the collagen retention in the skin! Don't we all need some of that?
Opening Ceremony!
How to use:
Time Freeze Intensive Cream (50ml) - After using the essence, dispense 2 bean sized amounts onto your fingers and gently apply on the cheek, forehead and jaw areas.
Time Freeze Eye serum (20ml) - After using skin toner or lotion, put a bean sized amount on your fingers and apply around the eyes by gently rubbing.
Laneige Time Freeze Eye Serum retails at SGD$69 and Time Freeze Intensive Cream retails at SGD$95. Get yours now!

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