Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe

Just yesterday, I visited Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe at Wheelock Place, Orchard Road.
It brought back memories of one friend as she was the one who first brought me here about 5 years ago. (Alice, I hope you're doing well!)
The place still looked the same as how I had visited it years ago, with nice, comfy chairs that really provides comfort while eating your meal. Also, I like how tables are well spaced out, so that you're still able to have a, somewhat, 'private' conversation with your friends.
I came here with two ex-colleagues-cum-friends and this place was really great for us to do some catching up.
Big sisters of mine with 2 garfield soft toys they collected after the recent Garfield Run.
The set meal here is expensive - one set meal for example (which I had wanted to order), was the Sukiyaki & Tempura set, which comes with sliced Aus beef and vegetables in hotpot, a cracked egg, rice, soup and assorted deep fried tempura.
I did not order that as I was worried it might turn out too much for one person, on a diet too, to be having.
I ordered the ala carte sukiyaki ($17.80)! The beef was served raw with soup broth. It cooked pretty quickly, about a few minutes or so. From this...
To this! YAY!! Finally ready to eat. :)
Big sister Serene felt that she likes the pork here - so she ordered an ala carte Pork Shogayaki ($12.80) instead of having the set, which comes with soft shell crab tempura, soup and rice. If you order rice separately, each order will cost you a hefty $3, which every Singaporean knows is expensive to pay for a bowl of rice! :(
Big sister Christina ordered a Bara Chirashi set, which came with a soup, (a super small sized) chanwamushi - steamed egg - and the main dish (Sushi rice bowl with grilled eel, flame-seared salmon and scallops!). This set cost $28.80.
When dining in a Japanese restaurant, how can you leave out the salad? I ordered the Bacon & Mozzarella Caesar Salad ($12.80). The appetising dish was well presented in a really huge bowl and was served with a special sauce, which I just poured it all over the salad without thinking twice. (Here goes the diet plan!) 
he salad tasted fresh and came with fresh mozzarella cubes which really added flavour to the otherwise typical mix. What also gave it a winning edge was also its thick cut bacon strips, that came with some fat on it. It tasted really good and I would seriously recommend this dish to anyone not on a diet.
Lastly, it's dessert time! You cannot leave Sun with Moon restaurant without trying out their desserts. It's one of the most lightweight desserts I've eaten and this is one of the top choices of my review tonight.
What else? DESSERT TIME!!
For people who love variety in their food, I recommend the dessert trio ($9.80). The dessert comes with a goma pudding, a small slice of tofu cheese cake and green tea ice-cream topped with red beans. You will not regret this.
My favourite was the goma pudding (also known as black sesame pudding). They managed to marry both rich black sesame paste and silky milk pudding together, making the smooth and bouncy texture of their matrimony that much more exciting to eat.
I also ordered a Matcha Tiramisu (Green Tea Tiramisu), it costs $6.80. It tasted so light and fluffy, it was a perfect end to the heavy meal.
In summary, I like the food in this place, but I feel that most food items are really expensive. I would only return if I have more money to spare!
Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road #03-15
Singapore 238880
Tel: +65-6733-6636
Directions - From Orchard MRT Station (red line), exit the station on facing Ion Orchard. When you've exited, just turn towards your right. Walk straight and follow through to the underpass and when you've reached the end of it (there should be an escalator), use that to get to level 3. The restaurant is on this floor. (Even if you can't find it, just ask any Singaporean locals. They'll be happy to direct you to Wheelock Place.)  :)
My Ratings (the higher the score, the better it is!)
Food: 4.2 / 5
Ambience: 4 / 5
Bang for your buck (Value): 3 / 5
Service: 3 / 5

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