Nature Republic Multi Perfection Essence in Foundation

Nature Republic Multi Perfection Essence in Foundation

In recent years, the trend of having an all-in-one makeup / skincare product is getting more and more popular due to our fast paced lives. Hence, here, I'm going to introduce one product for you to try out that might just help to save some time!
Unraveling the product! Most people never pay attention to the packaging on the inside, I do, and I really like it! :)
It's the Multi Perfection Essence in Foundation from Nature Republic! Here is its Korean product name: 네이처리퍼블릭 멀티 퍼펙션 에센스 인 파운데이션.
This product saves time for those of us who only want very basic makeup or to have very little steps in our makeup routine.
The 40ml bottle is really playful looking, with the liquid inside packed like a spiral. Basically, the brown liquid is the foundation and the white liquid is the essence + sunscreen. The product promises an SPF value of SPF38/PA++, which is pretty sufficient for those who are always in the office (like me).
Of course, if you are always outdoors, I do recommend you get a product with a higher SPF value.
The product also says it'll improve appearance of wrinkles! Well, only time can tell. However, it does whiten and help correct my yellowish skin tone almost immediately, with a natural finish! Let me show you!
Notice how my skin is still slightly yellow with some redness - FYI, my photos have no filter. Sorry to shock you all with my bare face. :)
When applying the product - dab over your face. Don't apply too much at once.
After application, notice how my face is fairer and not that yellow!
The product also works as a foundation, but I guess only if you want it to be most natural. I feel that I have to apply more for more coverage.
Here's how I use the product:
Step 1: Always wash your face first!
Step 2: Apply your toner.
Step 3: Put a little moisturizer.
Step 4: Use product! (View image below)
Squeeze out product on the back of your hand - well, I'm showing you my arm here though so I can photo this. :) Can you see a distinction between the brown and white?
Start mixing the product! (I secretly love the colour mixing process!)
After you've mixed it well, product should be in one colour that looks like foundation.
And you're set to use it! :) Dab over your face and apply evenly. Ta-dah! You're done in less than 10 minutes.
Of course, if you'd like to proceed with other cosmetics - eyeliner, blush, mascara etc etc - just do it like usual. :)
You just saved 3-4 makeup steps!


- Less time spent on your makeup routine.
- I like how the sunscreen factor is already within the product so I don't have to worry about forgetting to apply my sunscreen (which I do sometimes - A BIG NO-NO! )
- Instantly brightens face and helps correct tone.
- Not too dry for the skin (guessing this is with some help from the essence.)
- Might be easy to overpump product out. Should pay more attention to how you pump it out, do a test first.
Overall, I like this product and I will buy this again! When I bought this in South Korea, it costed me about SGD$15-$18. If you're Singaporean, you'll know that it's not easy to find a product with such value here. And I'm glad I bought this product!
Rating: 4.5/5

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