Maybelline (Bold Matte and So Nude) Color Sensational Lipsticks

Maybelline (Bold Matte and So Nude) Color Sensational Lipsticks

It's Maybelline! It has been years since I've touched a Maybelline Lipstick. Seriously.
But I'm glad I picked out these two types up today.
Photo credits: http://www.maybelline.com.sg/
I'm just going to share very quickly about these two series of lipsticks I saw in the NTUC Supermarket in Changi Airport. Most of you may know Guardian or Watsons would probably carry this as well.
The photo above shows series one, which is their matte series. I'm sorry I don't have a picture of the lipsticks from the So Nude series. But both series are placed together, side by side, in the store. I can totally understand why, because the series are like sibling series - Both serve different purposes but yet, complement each other, which makes me want to try and play around and mix 2 of their lipsticks to see how that works out. I think the end effect will be pretty stunning. Well, pun intended.
Also, I really like that both lipstick series are not easy to come off. After applying the swatches, I allowed the lipstick colour to 'sink' in for a good one hour, before trying to wash off the lipstick marks with plain soap and water.
I did a colour swatch for these lipsticks, and here they are!
The top row shows the colour swatches for Bold Matte series and the bottom row shows the swatches for the So Nude series. Honestly, I really fell in love with all their colours. Even the nude colours, which carried a shimmery touch to it! But each lipstick holds a whooping price tag of $17.90 and buying all of their colours will really break my bank! :(
But if I had to choose, here would be my top favourite from the 2 series (okay, this was a super tough choice to make!) - Bold Matte's Cheeky Coral and So Nude's Rosy Rebel!


 - Lipstick feels moisturising.
- Colour is very long lasting and is not easy to come off.
- Not too much of a big deal, but I felt the price could have been slightly cheaper.

Overall, I really like this product and I have put quite a few of their shades on my to-buy list, which I will be getting very very soon. :) Get yours today!
Rating: 4.2/5

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